Airfield – Rust Monument Guide

In this guide, we will be exploring the Airfield monument. This guide contains the general strategy and meta for the monument, a map with Crate spawn locations, and callouts so you can more easily navigate the monument. It will also tell you how to complete the Red Card puzzle here.

For info on how to read the map and some more general information about the guide, please refer to the Map Key in the Main Guide.

Airfield is one of the largest and most open monuments in Rust. It is surrounded by a concrete slab wall. All the buildings inside are fully accessible, and the monument as a whole contains an average of twenty Crates, making it incredibly useful to loot. It is also one of the three Red Card monuments. These factors combine to make it a popular – and therefore dangerous – monument to raid.

This monument is procedurally generated, and so will be different with every iteration. All variants, however, have two runways, three hangers, some watch towers, an office building, a Red Card puzzle, and some concrete tunnels running underneath.

airfield at night
Airfield at Night

Airfield is one of the most dynamic monuments in Rust. It is split down the middle by the two Runways, creating a no-man’s-land between each half that is dangerous to traverse. Each side is relatively balanced, both having a Recycler and six to seven Crates each. Because of this, intense battles can occur when one team occupies each side.

In these circumstances, smart positioning will be your best friend. The towers and rooftops on either side of the divide serve as excellent vantage points, giving you a height advantage, but making you easy to spot. You will also be susceptible to poke damage from players firing at you from below through holes in the roof. The ground level, by contrast, has more cover and room to sneak around but will put you at a height disadvantage. The size and verticality of this monument mean that nearly all locations on it can be peeked from somewhere else, and so you should use this to your advantage and be the one to use the peek holes, rather than letting others use them against you. These peek holes include the windows in the hangers, as well as the holes in various roofs.

Whether you have the height advantage or not, it is often prudent to play the “waiting game” in this monument. If you know where an enemy is but they hiding in a building or behind cover, you have a chance to reposition and aim wherever they will have to reappear. By doing this, they will have no way of knowing where you repositioned, giving you a huge advantage.

Finally, make sure to use sound to locate enemies. Since Airfield is so massive, hearing footsteps or other player noise can tip you off to their location before they even realize you are nearby, especially if you know you are both in the same building. Unlike other monuments, people don’t expect to fight close-quarters here, and so using sound can really let you catch enemies unprepared.

airfield monument map
Airfield Rust Monument Map

The following callouts correspond to the numbers on the image above:

  1. Red Towers
  2. Truck Hanger
  3. Airfield Tower
  4. Train Station
  5. Southern Car Entrance
  6. Electrical Pylon / Puzzle Room Manhole
  7. Refinery Room and Ramp
  8. Recycler Hanger
  9. Crate Hanger
  10. Crashed Heli

Some additional nonmarked callouts would be the other towers labeled according to direction on your server, as well as the runway, and cargo boxes. Another small note is that all of the towers are marked with numbers, you can also use these in your coms. The numbers and locations for each is as follows:

  • #12 – Control Tower on top of the main building.
  • #1 – By the entrance closest to the main building and train tunnel.
  • #2 – On the far side of the main building.
  • #3 – By the second entrance closest to the hangers.
  • #4 – By the silos.

Airfield requires 4 things to complete the puzzle: A Green Card, a Blue Card, and 2 fuses. To complete the puzzle, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the back room across the hall from the garage and insert the first fuse, then flip the switch.
  2. Go into the manhole at the Electrical Pylon (#6). Run to the end of the tunnel and swipe your Green Card to access the Green Card Room.
  3. Stay underground, and run to the far side of the Armory. Insert the second fuse into the box there.
  4. Run around the corner nearby and swipe your Blue Card.
  5. The Blue Card Room will have a Red Card, as well as 3 to 4 Military Crates, and a similar number of Brown Crates.

Whether you are there for the Red Card puzzle, or just the excellent loot, make sure to visit Airfield in your next wipe! Afterward, make sure to check out our other Monument Guides for information on the other monuments.

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