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Game: Rust
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: August 19, 2022

Sadly, this week’s Rust Skins update came with a lot of mediocre options for both Console and PC, but stay tuned! There are actually quite a few I would like to highlight for you all later in the article. In total, we got a Bone Knife skin and a Sleeping Bag skin for the console, as well as 5 Gun skins and 3 Deployable skins for PC.

Today’s additions to the Rust Console’s store, I think, were 50-50: we got a neat Tribal Bone Knife, a continuation of the Tribal Set we saw in an earlier week, as well as a much more underwhelming Forensic Sleeping Bag, which comes as a standalone item.

I think the Tribal Bone Knife skin is a very interesting addition — it continues a set that was already established, but moves it more into the tool side of weapons. It has a pretty decent pattern, with the new wrap being particularly clean. Overall, I think it’s a nice skin, and if you were looking for a bone knife skin, this would not be a bad one to grab.

The Forensic Sleeping Bag is good for what it is — a dark, almost black, skin. I think the body layout drawing is interesting, but not enough to warrant being a whole skin on its own. Honestly, I think this is a lazy add from the developers and they could have made a way more interesting dark skin.

Several of the new PC skins this week are, sadly, just plain bad. However, there are a few notable exceptions I will highlight below.

jpeg sap

The Antique Rocket Launcher and Bullseye Python are both just ugly, in my opinion. The JPEG SAP is, once again, just another lazy addition, and I would say the same for the Graffiti Charcoal box.

The skins that I am a big fan of, though, are the Retro Blast AR, the Reinforced Garage Door, and the Toxic Wolf Bow. All 3 of these skins are original ideas that fit quite well into the world of Rust. The Garage Door has a nice glow-in-the-dark element, without being overwhelming, and the Retro Blast AR has a nice pop of color without being too much, or feeling too fake.

Lastly, the Toxic Wolf Bow has a cool and interesting aesthetic that combines the lime green of previous Toxic pieces into a whole new and overall more interesting skin set.

pineapple furnace
Pineapple Furnace

And, a contender worthy of note: a joyful Pineapple Furnace skin. This one, of course, is just for fun. Overall, I love it, and I plan to buy one.

Despite the mixed entries, I think we had an overall positive set of skins this week. While Facepunch is continuing the trend of going for some of the more lazy options the community has to offer, I was happy to see some genuine art make it into the game. I think they are really making a bigger push for it, and I’m happy to see that. (And, honestly, I was also a big fan of the Pineapple skin that was added in purely for fun.)

My recommendations for this week would be picking up the Armored Door from Hell for the value and glow-in-the-dark aspect, and the Dead Souls Wooden Door for its aesthetic value. Until next week, and happy shopping, survivors!

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