Rust Skin Review (September 29th) – Hunting AR, Blackout Poncho, Secret Recipe Satchel, and more

This week we have four new weapon skins, two deployable skins, a satchel skin, and a poncho. But that isn’t all that’s new: we will also begin to rate these skins, so that you know what to use for maximum style. With that in mind, let’s get into the reviews!

blackout poncho
Blackout Poncho

The Blackout Poncho, as the name implies, is a completely black poncho (shocking, I know). It consists of several layers of mesh and Rust’s classic hide top. The mesh layers are transparent, allowing you to see the clothes underneath, leaving plenty of room for style and tactical outfit combinations. This skin will pair well with skins like the Gentlemen’s Set and other black and white sets. Overall, this skin is clean, classy, and versatile.

9.1 out of 10.

twisted furnace
Twisted Furnace

The Twisted Furnace features dark gunmetal panels and molten lava wrapping along its top half (in barber-pole fashion), with a cobblestone pattern around the bottom. The inside has the pattern of cracking lava, with glowing lines that really let you feel the heat.

In addition to the lovely patterns and cobblestone texturing, the skin also glows! All this combined gives the Twisted Furnace an excellent effect. This is an above-average skin, with the glow bringing it up a point. Warm, but not hot.

8.3 out of 10.

obsidian python
Obsidian Python

Continuing this week’s dark theme, the Obsidian Python is fascinating to me. It resembles other black-themed skins (like the Blackout and Black-Gold), making it feel very familiar. So familiar, in fact, that its glossy texture is the only significant difference that sets it aside from those others. While this could have been cool and interesting, it doesn’t do anything to stand out from the competition. Overall, this skin is neat, but it could have been better.

6.6 out of 10.

storage room double door
Storage Double Door

The Storage Double Door is a very simple and classic-feeling skin. Its yellow glow is lovely, and the pixelated texture stands out from the background (and from other double doors). Interesting to me is that the background behind the yellow LEDs itself has some excellent detail, helping to ground the sign as a realistic piece of technology. There are what looks to be worn-out push and pull signs and electrical bits powering it all. This skin doesn’t do anything special, but it’s not doing anything wrong either, and that’s great. Functional and competent.

7 out of 10.

hunting assult rifle
Hunting Assault Rifle

The Hunting Assault Rifle is a beautifully crafted skin. The carved art on the side depicts a herd of elk gathering in a lightly-forested mountain plain. The other side continues this scene, this time with a single elk amidst sprawling leaf patterns. The hand grip towards the front of the gun has a dotted pattern that looks realistic, while the magazine has a carefully wrapped cloth to make it easier to pull out. Overall, this skin is beautiful and realistic; a real work of art pressed onto the body of an AK.

9.2 out of 10.

secret recipe satchel charge
Secret Recipe Satchel Charge

The Secret Recipe Satchel Charge is yet another fantastic comedic skin, similar to the Airlock Door from last week. It has what looks like 3 “Cobalt Fried Meat” cans inside a wrinkled and dirty paper bag. Some other funny details include the “We’d tell you the recipe, but it’s secret” writing on the front and the crude nutrition label stapled to the side. Overall, this skin is a blast *(get it?) and is a perfect cheap satchel skin.

6.9 out of 10.

bullseye sar
Bullseye SAR

The Bullseye SAR is another simple skin with solid execution. It is red-and-black, with tally marks and skull-and-crossbones etches on one side. The other side mirrors the skull pattern along with “1337” (a reference to the l33tspeak days of old). Overall this skin is nice but nothing crazy; it would’ve been better if they had leaned into the gimmick a bit more and made it more stylish.

6.3 out of 10.

zebra thompson
Zebra Thomson

Last but most certainly not least is the Zebra SAR. The skin is a wild just-plain-crazy pattern. The zebra print almost looks like it was wrapped onto the SAR using the patterned duct tape from my childhood, which contrasts in a very fun way with the bright pops of pink accents all over. Honestly, I’m unsure if this skin is unique or just a combination of two random junk-pile ideas. While both the pink and the zebra-print could’ve been cool on their own, combining them seems like too much.

6 out of 10.

That rounds out the skin review this week! This was a solid showing from Facepunch and gives us a few good options, with nothing offensively bad, but also nothing incredibly good. As always, survivors, stay rusty!

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