Rust News – New Lumberjack Tool and Matching Skin

This morning, Rust dropped a mysterious trailer on their Twitter page, alongside the caption “Collect vood 🌲”. Watch it here:

This ominous, 30-second teaser shows a Tool embedded into a tree trunk before a survivor comes up to it and pulls it out. It appears to be some modified Hatchet with a serrated blade guarding the grip, and the survivor who picks it up is using an as-of-yet-unseen skin with jeans. After the tool is removed, the teaser cuts to a date being sliced in half: “October 6th”.

This tiny teaser doesn’t reveal much — only that new additions to woodcutting are coming — but everything falls into place when you compare it to some recent commit logs, such as this:

If you look at this and other similar tweets from the commit logs, we can ascertain that the video in question is, among perhaps other things, the trailer for the Lumberjack Hazmat Skin. Looking at other commits logs shows us that there have been merges with the backpack elements on the survivor, as well as merges regarding the tools (presumably related to the new hatchet).

Overall, this brief teaser (when combined with the commit logs) gives me a lot to be excited about. I’m very eager to see the new Hazmat skin after the success of the Nomad Hazmat, Space Suit Hazmat, and the Arctic Suit, and I’m very curious as to whether this skin will provide any stat buffs like the cold protection on the Arctic Suit. That is to say nothing of the new hatchet.

Click here to watch the full trailer. I hope this news gets you as excited as it does me. And as always, stay rusty!

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