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Game: Rust
Content Type: Gaming News
Date: September 29, 2022

Many quality-of-life changes and bug fixes in this patch make their way into the game. From flying scientists to climbing through floors, this update has a lot of good changes. Read on for a breakdown of the patch notes with some extra info!

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent players from equipping items when swapping an item on the hot bar – This has been a lasting issue; it’s good to see it getting patched out.
  • Helping a wounded player no longer gets canceled simply by looking away from them Now, you can turn and spray other people during fights while reviving. This is a massive buff to reviving and makes it far more viable to do so during fights.
  • Fixed Kayak texture disappearing after using it for a short time
  • Improved Sheet Metal building block textures to make it easier to differentiate between the hard and soft side of the building blocks This is a big win for new players. Changes like this lower the skill ceiling in a way that is very beneficial to the new player base.
  • Fixed an exploit that let players push through gaps between doors and walls
  • Fixed an exploit where players could clip through ceilings using ladders A relatively obscure bug, but it’s good to see it gone.
  • Improved Scientist AI at Oil Rig, Outpost, and Bandit Camp monuments. Junkpiles and further improvements to come.
  • Fixed exploits in Launch Site that let players attack from vents and go through walls
  • Scientists no longer float upwards through the floor of the Cargo Ship like spooky ghost men. – This is a good fix, especially for Cargo.
  • Fixed a bug that caused various assets such as wooden crates to appear white
  • Fixed hostile timer at Outpost and Bandit Camp
  • UI – Improved Death Screen UI loading speed
  • UI – Added missing translations for Large Furnace and Furnace
  • UI – Fixed misaligned Gamertags for Team members
  • Other – Xbox only – Fixed an issue with controller disconnect that caused unwanted button inputs and skins being bought accidentally.
  • Other – Adjusted in-game exposure to be slightly darker and skin preview exposure to better match mid-day

For more information on the patch notes, please read the complete information here. As always, survivors, enjoy your Rock Day!

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