Construction in Going Medieval

Construction is perhaps the most important aspect of Going Medieval. There are no predefined buildings or rooms, and everything is up to the player to create as they see fit — with a few restrictions and caveats.

Basic Construction Tips

Base construction is done from the Base menu [F1]. That’s where you’ll find the walls, floors, doors, and roofs you need to start making your settlement. It can be easy to miss, but make sure you check out the variant options at the bottom right of the Base menu — here you’ll find other versions of the base pieces, which can be useful if you’re trying to get a different look, or if you want something stronger (or if you simply have more of one resource than another).

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There are some restrictions with buildings, mainly surrounding support beams for roofs or second levels. The game will tell you when something you want to build lacks support; simply place a beam between two walls underneath the area that the game wont let you place, and you should then be able to place it.

Buildings in Going Medieval need to be enclosed by walls, a floor, and a roof in order to count as having rooms. By making sure your buildings have rooms, you will improve the efficiency of whatever task is being done in said room, so make sure every building you make is completely enclosed.

going medieval rooms construction guide

Time is a valuable resource in Going Medieval, as there many tasks that need to get done before winter comes. With that in mind, you should focus on efficiency when constructing buildings in going Medieval. Try to plan ahead: if you know you’re eventually going to want a multi-story building, try to build the whole thing all at once instead of having to remake the roof each time.

Pay attention to how much of a given resource you have before you choose to create structures with that resource — you may find your settlers idle if you run out of that resource and don’t have any more of it earmarked for harvest.

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