Dice Legacy Scenarios

Making your way to the end of the ring world can be a challenge, and many players out there are still struggling to take down those pesky Others for the first time. With those players in mind, we’ve created this page to let you know what’s in store for you once you do finally beat that first run.

All of the following Scenarios unlock once you’ve beaten your first run

  1. Stranded
    • The main Scenario
    • All settings on default.
  2. The Great Winter
    • Winter never ends (though you do have a single summer to prepare)
    • Bonus starting resources: 8 Wheat, 4 Ale
  3. Metropolis
    • Map has less resources
    • City of The Others is much larger
  4. Red Tape
    • All locations and building production is slower
    • Council only meets once per year
  5. Ice and Fire
    • Buildings can catch fire during Summer
    • Mines don’t provide Gold
    • Frozen dice are not healed at start of Summer, game is lost if all your dice are frozen
    • Bonus starting resources: 4 Gold
  6. Six Faces
    • Dice limit set to 6
    • The Council proposes policies irrespective of die classes you posess
    • Bonus starting resources: 4 Food, 6 Wood, 4 Stone, 2 Technology

The different Scenarios force you to approach the game differently, sometimes dramatically so. Feel free to share your best strategies for them in the comments below!

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