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There’s quite a bit to know about how the dice function in Dice Legacy, and not all of it is explicitly stated anywhere in the menu or tutorial. We’ve collected all the little details we think you might need in one convenient place, alongside all the useful info that the game does provide.

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Perhaps the most important facet of managing your dice is Durability. Here’s the long and short of it:

  • Dice have 16 durability by default, and 16 durability when created.
  • Dice do not lose durability when used.
  • Dice lose 1 durability when they are rolled.

To restore a die’s durability, simply place it on a Cookhouse alongside one Food. By default, the Cookhouse restores 8 durability. This can be increased by 4 twice in the Technology menu — a fully upgraded Cookhouse restores the full 16 durability to a die.

dice face numbers legacy management guide

The face of a die will sometimes have a number in the bottom right, which indicates the power level of a die. Normal dice can only have up to 4 power, while Construct Dice (created by the Forge or Laboratory) can have up to 8. The power level of a die can be increased a number of ways, but primarily by the Enhancement Chamber.

Face strength can do two things:

  • On buildings that require two or more of a specific die face, a single die face provides their power level worth of that specific die face.
  • Harvestable Locations will provide additional resources the higher the power of the die face placed there.

Dice can become Frozen if they are used outside of the range of a Steam Generator during the Winter. Frozen dice cannot be placed or rolled. You can unfreeze dice at a Tavern (requires Ale) or a Temple (requires a Pray dice legacy monk dice pray faceface and Herbs).

A die can sometimes be Wounded in combat. Wounded dice will be lost if they are wounded again. You can heal a die at a Temple (requires a Pray dice legacy monk dice pray faceface and Herbs) or at the Apothecary (requires Herbs)

Dice can contract Sickness from some attacking forces, but also seem to be able to get sick at random. If you use a Sick die alongside other dice (on a Wheat Field, for example), the other dice will become infected. You can heal Sickness at a Temple (requires a Pray dice legacy monk dice pray faceface and Herbs) or at the Apothecary (requires Herbs)

Corrupted faces occur on the starter dice of the Corrupted Ruler, and you can get a corrupted die from exploring ruins — the exploration face gets replaced with a corruption symbol (thank EIP user Sempiternity for letting us know about that one). If you roll 3 or more Corrupted faces, the Corruption will spread to another die. Corrupted dice cannot be employed. You can heal corrupted faces at a Temple (requires a Pray dice legacy monk dice pray faceface and Herbs).

Being Blessed blocks the next negative status effect a die receives — the Blessing is then lost. You can Bless a die at a Shrine (requires 2 Pray dice legacy monk dice pray face faces).

If you’re playing on higher difficulties where you are unable to pause, using shortcuts will be an essential part of your success. Here are the crucial ones to know:

  • Spacebar — Rolls all dice in your dice pool
  • Alt+Left Click — Locks a die in your pool (it will no longer roll with the rest of them).
  • Shift+Left Click — Auto-places a die or resource onto a slot. You can use this anywhere a die or resource can be placed, but note that it will simply take the first die in line (left to right, top to bottom) from your pool, so be careful that it doesn’t grab a 0 durability die, or a die you needed for something else. This also doesn’t take into account wasted faces — if you have a 2-point Work face die, it may be placed on a single-work slot like a Mill if you use Shift+Left Click.

We hope this guide on Dice Management was helpful! Drop us any questions or comments you may have in the box below.

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2 years ago

You can get a corrupted die from exploring ruins. The exploration face gets replaced with a corruption symbol.