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Everything that you can do in Dice Legacy, you do with dice. But getting as many dice as possible out in your fields, mines, and workshops isn’t always simple. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to go over the maximum dice “limit” in Dice Legacy.

For our purposes here, we’re going to assume you’re already familiar with how to create additional dice; if you’re unfamiliar with how to do so, check out our guide on How to Get More Dice before you read on.

The reason that 12 is the theoretical limit on dice is that you only have 12 slots in your Dice Pool. If you ever have more than 12 dice that are inactive and need to be returned to the pool, you will have to discard however many dice you do not have slots for.

discarding die dice legacy guide getting more than 12 dice

An example: You have 11 dice sitting in your pool, and 2 dice placed on a Wheat Farm. Once the dice on the Farm are done working it, they will attempt to return to your Dice Pool. Since there is only 1 slot available, you will have to choose one of your inactive dice to discard.

Just because you only have 12 pool slots doesn’t mean you can only have 12 dice, however. As long as you make sure there’s always room in your pool for exhausted dice, you can theoretically have an almost unlimited amount of dice in play at once.

To do this, you’ll need to make certain you are re-rolling and placing dice as fast as you can. Have a plan for what you need to accomplish, and be ready to quickly place dice once they are rolled. If you aren’t using the hotkeys (Spacebar to roll the dice, Shift-click to place them, and Alt-click to lock them), well, you should.

When you’re running more than 12 dice, one technique that can make it easier is placing dice down even when they’ll be idle for a while. For example, if you get an workdice legacy workface , and you’re running out of slots in your pool, go ahead and drop it on a Wheat Field immediately. Of course, this is completely dependent on game state and your overall strategy. Sometimes it may be better to reroll a die, or lock it and wait to see what you get next.

using more than 12 dice wheat field guide
In this image, one die is being “stored” at the Cookhouse, and another on the fallow Wheat Field

We hope this guide was helpful! Drop questions or comments in the box below, and good luck on the ring.

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