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One of the main ways Dice Legacy is a roguelike (or rollguelike, if you prefer) is in its Ascended Dice system. In this guide, we’ll go over how Ascended dice work, and how you can create them.

While losing your Town Hall means starting over essentially from scratch, up to two dice you Ascend during a run can be used in a following run. You can access these dice while creating a new game. To use an Ascended die, simply left-click one of your chosen Ruler’s starting dice, and a small box will appear below that contains all of your currently available Ascended dice. Left-click one of these to replace the selected Starting die.

replacing a die with an ascended die dice legacy guide

To create an Ascended die, you need to construct an Obelisk. This requires a fair bit of resources, since you’ll need to get to the third Technology tier to unlock the Obelisk from the Manipulation tree.

unlocking obelisk dice legacy ascneded die guide

Once you do so, you’ll then be able to construct an Obelisk — each one will cost you 8 Stone and 4 Gold. To use the Obelisk, simply place the die you want to Ascend on the Obelisk and let it do it’s thing for 80 seconds. You don’t lose your die in the process, but instead get to keep using it until the game ends.

You can Ascend more than one die per run; all you have to do is build another Obelisk for each die you want to Ascend. If you can’t remember whether or not you’ve used an Obelisk, you can always hover it — this will show you the currently Ascended die on that Obelisk.

checking status of obelisk ascending a die guide dice legacy

Naturally, you’ll want to Ascend your more powerful dice; consider using the Enhancement Chamber multiple times on a die before you place it on the Obelisk.

You can Ascend a new die on the same Obelisk — this simply overwrites the old die and Ascends the new one in its place. You can also Ascend the same die multiple times, or re-Ascend a die you brought into the game to be used in a subsequent run.

If you’re gearing up for a challenging run on a high difficulty or through a tricky scenario, you can first do a run for the express purpose of creating Ascended dice, since Retiring will still save all the dice you Ascended on that run. Ascended dice seem to be a requisite for beating the tougher scenarios, and especially the higher difficulties, so make sure you’re storing some before you attempt a challenging run!

It’s important to remember that Ascended dice can only be used once — they will disappear from your Ascended dice pool once you’ve taken them into a run.

We hope this guide on Ascending dice was helpful! Drop us a line in the comments below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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2 years ago

Can you ascend the same dice multiple times with few Obelisks so you have several copies of her?
Can you ascend the dice again after you start a new game with her?

2 years ago

Do you have to complete a run before you can use the Ascended Dice in a new run?
If so , then could you simply retire your run after ascending your dice?

Reply to  DanielD
2 years ago

Thank you 🙂
Very cool game!

2 years ago

How do I figure what dice to put in the obelisk so that it lights up all three tiers? What do the symbols mean?