How to Create and Use Different Dice Classes – Dice Legacy

While you might technically be able to beat the game with only Peasant dice, it wouldn’t exactly be easy. In this guide, we’ll go over all the different dice classes, as well as what is required in order to create each one.

dice legacy peasant dice faces

Peasants are the backbone of your settlement, especially at the start of the game. Capable of working, gathering, building, fighting, and exploring, they are easily the most versatile die.

All leaders start with some Peasant dice, and you can create more two ways:

  • Placing 2 Peasant dice on a House (found under the ‘Essential’ building tab) will create a new Peasant die.
  • Placing any other type of die on an Almshouse will transform that die into a Peasant die.

Peasant dice can be used in a multitude of ways. They can:

  • Gather resources
  • Work on fields or buildings
  • Build structures
  • Fight enemies
  • Explore
  • Be turned into Citizen or Soldier dice
dice legacy citizen dice faces

Citizens will generally be the second dice class you get, as they are the only dice that can research new technologies.

Placing a Peasant die and two Food on a School (found under the ‘Essential’ building tab) will create a Citizen die.

Citizens are somewhat less versatile than Peasants, but still have a number of ways in which they can be utilized. They can:

  • Work on fields or buildings
  • Build
  • Study to gain Knowledge or to operate the Tax Office
  • Be turned into Merchant or Monk dice
dice legacy merchanty dice faces

Merchants are fairly versatile, and are also the only class that can Trade.

Place a Citizen die and 2 Gold on a Merchant’s Guild to create a Merchant.

Thanks to their multiple harvest faces, Merchants make a good replacement for Peasant dice once you have evenough Citizens. Merchant dies can:

  1. Gather resources
  2. Explore
  3. Trade to purchase Mercenaries
  4. Trade with neutral camps
dice legacy monk dice faces

Monks are the most versatile of the non-peasant dice.

Place a Citizen die and 2 Herbs on a Monestary to create a Monk die.

You can use Monk dice to:

  1. Work on fields or buildings
  2. Harvest resources.
  3. Explore
  4. Pray to heal and bless dice, or influence neutral camps
dice legacy soldier dice faces

Soldiers are pretty self-explanatory — they’ll do the bulk of your fighting if you don’t want to hire Mercenaries.

There are two ways to create a Soldier die :

  • Place a Peasant die and 2 Iron on a Barracks
  • Place any type of die and 2 Iron on a Military Academy

Soldiers are mainly used for combat, but have a single Build face as well. You can use Soldiers to:

  • Fight enemies and attack structures
  • Raid camps or enemy structures
  • Build
dice legacy mercenary dice faces

Mercenaries are stronger than Soldiers by default, but are more expensive to create. Unlike all other dice, Mercenary dice cannot have their durability restored, and they will be lost if they are injured while fighting. They also don’t have a happiness meter, so you don’t need to worry about keeping them content.

Place a Merchant die with a Trade face and 2 Gold on a Mercenary Guild to hire 2 Mercenary dice.

Mercenaries are good for only two things. They can:

  • Fight enemies
  • Raid camps or enemy structures

You should now know all there is to know about dice classes in Dice Legacy. Toss any questions or suggestions into the comment box below!

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