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Dice Legacy is all about your dice, and so keeping your dice healthy (as weird as that sounds) is a crucial aspect of the game. One of the ways in which your dice can become incapacitated is by freezing during the winter. In this guide, we’ll go over all the ways you can unfreeze your dice, and we’ll also take a look at how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

tavern die frozen warmup dice legacy Option 1: The Tavern

The first method you’ll have available for unfreezing dice is the Tavern. In order to unfreeze a die in the Tavern, you’ll first have to create Ale, which is a multi-step process.

dice legacy brewery
A Brewery

While you can sometimes trade for Ale, the only reliable way to get it is to brew it yourself. First, you’ll need to plant at least 1 Wheat Field (found in the Production tab of the Build menu), and harvest as much Wheat as you can from it. Next, build a Brewery (also found in the Production tab of the Build menu). You’ll then be able to place 2 Wheat there with a Production die to create Ale.

You’ll then of course have to actually build the Tavern — it requires only 6 Wood and 1 Ale to create.

The Tavern is found in the Welfare tab of the build menu, and requires Ale to function. Once built, you’ll be able to place a Frozen die in the Tavern with an Ale — this will unfreeze your die.

dice legacy temple Option 2: The Temple

The Temple has a few more requirements than the Tavern to get going, but is somewhat less resource-intensive to utilize once you’ve created it — the Temple also allows you to cure any other ailments your dice may have.

Note that in order to utilize the Temple, you’ll have to do a number of prerequisite tasks first:

  1. Create at least 3 Citizens using a School.
  2. Build a Workshop to start generating Knowledge.
  3. Research Tier II Technology.
  4. Unlock the Temple from the Religion Technology Tree.
  5. Turn at least 1 Citizen into a Monk using a Monastary.

You’ll need 4 Wood and 6 Stone to build the Temple. Once you’ve done so, you can place the Frozen die on the Temple alongside 1 Herbs and a Monk die with a Prayer face prayer die face dice legacy monk. Your die will then begin the unfreezing process!

You can also just wait until Summer, at which point all of your dice will unfreeze. On the default game mode, you aren’t punished for this, so as long as you keep at least one Combat facing available, you should be safe to simply fast forward and wait until your dice unfreeze on their own.

What’s even better than unfreezing your dice? Keeping them warm so they never freeze at all. This is done with the Steam Generator. Found under the Welfare tab of the Build menu, It requires 5 Metal to build and keeps all dice within its effective radius warm.

steam generator dice legacy stop your dice from freezing
The white border indicates the Steam Generators range
dice freezing chance dice legacy

The Steam Generator requires 3 Wood to run for 2 minutes, so you’ll need to make sure you have enough wood stockpiled to last the winter.

It’s also important to pay attention to what stage of Winter you’re in. By hovering the season bar to the right of your leader’s portrait, you can check where you are in the season, and find out what the odds of dice freezing are. This will allow you to make informed decisions when deciding whether or not to send a die to a job outside of the range of your Steam Generator.

We hope this guide was helpful! Roll any questions, suggestions, or philosophical thoughts on dice you may have into the comments box below.

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