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Maybe you skipped the tutorial, or maybe you’re just idly thinking about Dice Legacy while you’re supposed to be working. Whatever your reason for coming here, this guide will show you how to create more dice in Dice Legacy.

If you’d trying to figure out how to get different dice, as in dice that aren’t Peasant dice, you can check out our guide on Creating New Dice Types.

To create a new die, you’ll first need to build a House, which you can do from the Essential tab of the Build menu. A House only requires 6 Wood, and is usually the first thing you should build when you start a new game.

house on build menu dice legacy how to get more dice guide

Once you have a House, you’ll have to place two Peasant dice on the House, and voilà! A mere 60 seconds later, you’ll have a brand new die (as well as two exhausted dice).

You can also sometimes get free dice from Council policies, but the primary way you’ll be creating new dice is with a House.

We hope this guide was helpful! Leave any questions, comments, or thoughts you have on the mechanics of dice-breeding in the box below.

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