Mila Grish

Mila Grish

Dedicated contributor at EIP Gaming and a part-time collector of books she will never have time to actually read. Jumps on the newest releases just as quickly as on the uncovered dusty collections from the basement. For her, shiny graphics can never be an excuse to not have a polished player experience or an immersive story.
what to do with the energy converter the callisto protocol

What to Do With the Energy Converter – The Callisto Protocol

Picked up an Energy Converter?Yes, you read the in-game description right — you can sell it safely. Energy Converters, Decoders, and CPU Printers are so-called “Components”. Despite the important-sounding name, these are Callisto Protocol’s junk items. The only thing you…

stuttering patch fix is live for the callisto protocol

Stuttering Patch Fix is Live for The Callisto Protocol

If you started playing the game right after the release, you could have easily been one of the unlucky few to experience significant stuttering issues for The Callisto Protocol, potentially to the point of it being unplayable. The community fix…

how to switch characters gotham knights

How to Change Characters – Gotham Knights

If you are considering whether you should try swapping between characters — you absolutely should! There is a lot to gain, and not much to lose by trying out at least a couple of the members of the team. The…