Mila Grish

Mila Grish

Dedicated contributor at EIP Gaming and a part-time collector of books she will never have time to actually read. Jumps on the newest releases just as quickly as on the uncovered dusty collections from the basement. For her, shiny graphics can never be an excuse to not have a polished player experience or an immersive story.
icarus farming

Farming – ICARUS

Even when it’s not required, growing your own food and herbs in ICARUS can provide a tactical advantage for some of the more challenging missions. And, when used efficiently, Crop Plots can also be an excellent supplement for any camp…

beachhead recon mission walkthrough – icarus

BEACHHEAD: Recon Mission Walkthrough – ICARUS

BEACHHEAD is ICARUS’s tutorial mission, designed to walk you through the basic survival skills before letting you take on further missions. This guide will give you a quick and basic step-by-step walkthrough of this tutorial. (As of December 2021, there…

weapons – icarus

Weapons – ICARUS

Killing on ICARUS is not an option. Even if you choose to do some creative work on an Outpost map, you will need to do some Hunting to craft some essential tools and ensure your survival. Things get extra tricky…