Mila Grish

Mila Grish

Dedicated contributor at EIP Gaming and a part-time collector of books she will never have time to actually read. Jumps on the newest releases just as quickly as on the uncovered dusty collections from the basement. For her, shiny graphics can never be an excuse to not have a polished player experience or an immersive story.
how to unlock glider flying gotham knights

How to Unlock Glider Flying – Gotham Knights

Grappling hook is mostly okay to get by, but it’s not the most effective means of travel for longer distances. While you still work to unlock fast travel points, Gliding is the next best thing available to you. Each of…

knighthood gotham knights

Knighthood – Gotham Knights

You might have wondered about that fourth locked tree in the skills view for your characters — the mysterious Knighthood Tree. You will be ready to unlock it for each of your characters after you already invest a bit of…

gk mods cover

Mods – Gotham Knights

Mods are a useful way for you to further customize your suits and weapons in Gotham Knights. These little chips bring additional stat power for your gear, making you that much stronger. It’s a simple system on surface, but we…

gk batgirl momentum

Momentum Abilities – Gotham Knights

Momentum Abilities in Gotham Knights are special attacks that are significantly more powerful than standard melee or ranged attacks. They have unique requirements to unlock, and using one costs a portion of your Momentum Bar. Scroll down (or use the…

skill trees & momentum abilities gotham knights

Skill Trees – Gotham Knights

Each of the 4 playable characters starts the game with access to 3 unique Skill Trees. These are primarily made up of ability and stat upgrades, but also serve as an opportunity to specialize your character. Skills in these trees…