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dbd knight killer guide cover

Knight Killer Guide – Dead by Daylight

Added to the game in Chapter 26: Forged in Fog, the Knight is one of Dead by Daylight’s original Killers, although possibly inspired by the game For Honor. Wielding a Claymore and with the power to summon his loyal Guardia…

dbd legion guide cover

Legion Killer Guide – Dead by Daylight

Added to the game in the Chapter 10: Darkness Among Us, Legion is one of Dead by Daylight’s original Killers. Wielding a Hunting Knife and the Feral Frenzy power, they are one of the best killers in the game for…

mr freeze cover

Gotham Knights Case FR01: Mr. Freeze

This Villain Case will have you facing off against one of Batman’s premier baddies, Mr. Freeze, in order to prevent him from making Gotham as cold as his heart (or, more accurately, to prevent him from using his doomsday devices…

freeze 1.5 cover

Gotham Knights Mr. Freeze Mission 1.5 – On Thin Ice

In this mission, we will be investigating what Mr. Freeze’s plans are from Blackgate Prison, since he seems far from finished with Gotham. To start, you will need to speak to Alfred in the Belfry. After you do so, you…

freeze 1.3 cover

Gotham Knights Mr. Freeze Mission 1.3 – Quartz Labs

This mission will see you putting your detective skills to good use by investigating a recent attack by Mr. Freeze at Quartz Labs in order to figure out what his grand plan may be. Unlike most other missions, Quartz Labs…

hpl amit thakkar cover

Hogwarts Legacy Reveals New Character: Amit Thakkar

In a tweet on November 18th, Hogwarts Legacy revealed a new character with a promotional card. This card, featuring an image of the character, his house (Ravenclaw), and a short text bio explaining his personality, was captioned with “You will…