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How to Max Out the Skill Trees – Gotham Knights

As you fought your way through the ranks of Gotham’s criminal underbelly, you have probably been upgrading the skills of the character or characters you’ve been playing. These skills can provide powerful bonuses and techniques that make you stronger, and…

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Premeditated Crimes Guide – Gotham Knights

Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights are radiant events that spawn each night in Gotham. These are larger-scale crimes, with more dynamic tasks and requirements, than the regular, Random Crimes. They are also typically more difficult, but will give you higher…

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Regulators Faction Guide – Gotham Knights

There are two types of Regulators. Normal Regulators are equipped with electric gear and will deal bioelectric status effects, while Regulators allied with Mr. Freeze have similar equipment, but deal Cryogenic status effects instead of shock. Mr. Freeze Regulators only…

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League of Shadows Faction Guide – Gotham Knights

Appearing for the first time in Mission 4.2 – The Orchard Hotel, the League of Shadows is a deadly group of assassins, formerly lead by the deadly Ra’s al Ghul. Their Lazarus-Pit-infused teleportation powers compliment their deadly blades and cannons,…

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GCPD Faction Guide – Gotham Knights

The Gotham City Police Department is different from other factions in several ways, the most notable being that they aren’t actually criminals, but rather the force meant to combat criminals. It is at this moment that it becomes useful to…

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Court of Owls Faction Guide – Gotham Knights

Appearing for the first time as enemies in Mission 3.2 – Chelsea Tunnel, the Court of Owls are a group of elites who have been controlling Gotham from the shadows for centuries (think: owl-flavored Illuminati). Recently, they have been using…

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The Mob Faction Guide – Gotham Knights

The Mob faction can be fought very early in the game, and appear while on patrol throughout Gotham. Despite this, they rarely make appearances in missions, making them surprisingly uncommon to fight if you aren’t doing premeditated crimes. Players who…

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Freaks Faction Guide – Gotham Knights

The Freaks are the first gang encountered in the game, and their unique goons reflect that. All of the Freaks, from brawlers to minibosses, have simple mechanics and can be defeated just via simple use of game mechanics (even after…

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How to Respec Skills – Gotham Knights

Let’s get this out of the way immediately: there is no way to respec your Skill Trees in Gotham Knights. Once you have spent your skill points, there is no taking them back. While this may be frustrating, especially for…