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stray goty cover 2.0

7 Reasons Why Stray Just Might Win Game of the Year

2022 was a great year for games. New open-world titans Elden Ring and the oft-neglected Horizon: Forbidden West were released, both to critical acclaim, with the former setting a new gold standard for action RPGs. Emotional, narrative juggernauts like Plague…

1.2 cover

Gotham Knights Mr. Freeze Mission 1.2 – Cold Front

In this mission, you will need to track down and defeat regulators in order to use their cryogenic weaponry to track Mr. Freeze’s whereabouts. This is one of the simplest missions in the game, only requiring you to complete five…

case 08 cover

Case 08: Head of the Demon – Gotham Knights

The final case of Gotham Knights, Case 08 has you finally heading to confront Talia Al Ghul and her League of Shadows in order to save Gotham. But it won’t go smoothly: between hunting Man-Bats, traversing tunnels, and encountering a…

8.2 cover

Mission 8.2: The Lazarus Pit – Gotham Knights

This is the final mission in Gotham Knights, which sees you tracking Talia Al Ghul and her League of Shadows through a system of underground tunnels before having a final confrontation with a familiar face. In order to start the…

8.1 cover

Gotham Knights Mission 8.1 – Dangerous Skies

In this mission, you’ll need to defeat several Man-Bats that have been set loose upon Gotham by Talia Al Ghul. You’ll begin in the Belfry, and you’ll want to go up to the evidence board and then move your cursor…

case 06 jacob kane

Case 06: Jacob Kane – Gotham Knights

After uncovering that the Voice of the Court of Owls is Jacob Kane, we have everything we need to go on the offensive. After setting up our allies in positions to help us take Jacob down, we will need to…

6.2 cover

Gotham Knights Mission 6.2 – The Voice of the Court

Mission 6.2 – The Voice of the Court will see the Bat-family finally bringing to justice Jacob Kane, who we previously learned is the Voice of the Court. To do so, we will need to infiltrate Kane Industries and bring…