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How to Find Premeditated Crimes – Gotham Knights

Want to find premeditated crimes in Gotham in order to earn their rewards, complete challenges, or accomplish missions? Look no further: this guide will tell you all about the several methods of finding them, as well as how clues work.…

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How to Locate Minibosses – Gotham Knights

Several challenges and side missions in Gotham Knights require you to defeat minibosses. Early on, these tough criminals can be quite elusive, but rest assured, this guide will make finding them simple! There are two places to find minibosses. The…

featured image cf mission 1.3 rumble at the reservoir gotham knights

Clayface (Second Fight) – Gotham Knights Boss Guide

Like the previous mission, you can’t start this mission while on patrol. Instead, make sure you’re in the Belfry, then open the Batcomputer menu. Go into the Case Files tab and select the Clayface case, then highlight Mission 1.3 and…

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Batman/Bruce Wayne – Gotham Knights Boss Guide

Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul will be your two final boss fights in Case 8.2: The Lazarus Pit. Your battle with Bruce will come first, immediately followed by Talia after. Bruce’s fight will happen in 3 Phases as you…

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Mr. Freeze (First Fight) – Gotham Knights Boss Guide

You will encounter your first fight with Mr. Freeze during Villain Case FR1.4: Gotham City on Ice, immediately after you install the Disruptor on the Storm Machine. If you are fighting him for the second time, see our Mr. Freeze…

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Harley Quinn – Gotham Knights Boss Guide

Harley Quinn is a major boss you will fight during Villain Case HQ1.4: Chaos in General. The fight will technically have four phases: Harley alone, then a quick fight with adds with Harley’s return soon after, then Harley by herself…

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Bosses/Villains – Gotham Knights

Looking for some combat intel on Gotham’s greatest criminals? Search no more, detective! On this page, you can find a dedicated guide for each of the bosses in the game, complete with detailed observations, unique tips, and strategies that will…

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Hands On with Gunbrella

Gunbrella is the newest action-platformer from developer Doinksoft and publisher Devolver Digital. In it, you wield the powerful and mysterious Gunbrella, a firearm that doubles as an umbrella, as you set upon an epic quest that will take you through…