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gk clayface trio 1

Clayface (First Fight) – Gotham Knights Boss Guide

You will have the first fight with Clayface during Villain Case CF1.2: Disturbance at Dixon Docks, and the second fight within the same Case not long after, during CF1.3 (check our guide for Clayface’s second fight after this one). The…

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How Status Effects Work – Gotham Knights

Status Effects in Gotham Knights are both additional attributes of attacks that can cause devastating effects, and the effects themselves. These statuses are applied when a target is hit by an attack that deals status damage, whereupon a gauge will…

gk enemies

Enemies – Gotham Knights

There is a lot of enemy variety in Gotham Knights, with each of the many factions in the game having multiple variants of unique baddies. As such, it can be easy to feel lost or overwhelmed when fighting some of…

gk momentum abilities

How to Unlock Momentum Abilities – Gotham Knights

At some point in your progression through the main story, you may notice that a lot of your Momentum Ability slots are still empty. Aside from the ability you start with, plus the one you unlock during the tutorial, you…

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Talia al Ghul – Gotham Knights Boss Guide

Talia al Ghul will be yourfinal boss fight in the main storyline. You would have been fighting Bruce immediately prior to this battle, and what you have learned from that fight will come useful in this one. Similarly to Bruce,…

gk informant

How to Find Informants – Gotham Knights

Informants are enemies who have information that you can squeeze out of them (with a little force). They are used in order to gain clues, as well as to find the locations of pre-meditated crimes. If you are trying to…

gk premeditated nohud

How to Find Premeditated Crimes – Gotham Knights

Want to find premeditated crimes in Gotham in order to earn their rewards, complete challenges, or accomplish missions? Look no further: this guide will tell you all about the several methods of finding them, as well as how clues work.…

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How to Locate Minibosses – Gotham Knights

Several challenges and side missions in Gotham Knights require you to defeat minibosses. Early on, these tough criminals can be quite elusive, but rest assured, this guide will make finding them simple! There are two places to find minibosses. The…

featured image cf mission 1.3 rumble at the reservoir gotham knights

Clayface (Second Fight) – Gotham Knights Boss Guide

Like the previous mission, you can’t start this mission while on patrol. Instead, make sure you’re in the Belfry, then open the Batcomputer menu. Go into the Case Files tab and select the Clayface case, then highlight Mission 1.3 and…