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hogwarts legacy finding focus

Finding Focus – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

Finding Focus is the fifth Relationship Quest for Natsai Onai. Natty wants to speak to you, and it sounds like she is rather distressed about something. You should check in on her. Speak to Natsai Onai To begin Finding Focus,…

hogwarts legacy grief and vengeance

Grief and Vengeance – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

Grief and Vengeance is the fourth Relationship Quest for Natsai Onai. It’s been a while since you saved Natty from Theophilus Harlow’s group. You should go see how she’s holding up. Speak to Natsai Onai To begin Grief and Vengeance,…

hogwarts legacy phoenix rising

Phoenix Rising – Hogwarts Legacy Quest

Phoenix Rising is an optional quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Deek has learned of a Phoenix that might get chased down by poachers, and worries for its safety. It’s up to you to get to the phoenix before they do. Speak…