I'm a huge gamer who especially loves the Final Fantasy series. I will play just about any game, especially if it has anything resembling a Dragoon.
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Final Fantasy X: Lulu Celestial Weapon – Onion Knight

Lulu’s Celestial Weapon is the Onion Knight. Obtaining and upgrading the weapon requires some exploring and lightning dodging, and is considered one of the hardest weapons in the game to fully realize. Fully upgrading the Onion Knight grants you the…

playstation showcase 2021

PlayStation Showcase 2021: Every Trailer and Summary

PlayStation had their Showcase today, sharing many trailers for their upcoming games. A lot of announcements made it into the 40 minutes, giving us a look at a wide variety of games, including both proprietary and third-party titles. Did you…

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Final Fantasy X: Yuna Celestial Weapon – Nirvana

Yuna’s Celestial Weapon is the Nirvana. Obtaining and upgrading her weapon requires getting all of her Aeons and a little bit of monster capturing. Fully upgrading it gives you the passive effects Break Damage Limit, Triple Overdrive, Double AP, and…

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Final Fantasy X: Celestial Weapons

Celestial Weapons act as the ultimate weapons in Final Fantasy X. Each character has their own unique weapon. Acquiring them and getting all of them to full power will require exploring many parts of Spira and completing many of FFX’s…

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Final Fantasy X: Equipment Customization

Soon after Rikku joins your party, you will unlock the ability to customize your gear. You can do this to add passive effects to both your weapons and armor, and there are a number of possible passives you can give…

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Final Fantasy X: The Sphere Grid

Final Fantasy X does not have a traditional leveling system that most RPGs do. Instead, it uses the Sphere Grid system, which allows you to increase each character’s stats and learn new abilities. There are two types of Grids you…