Kelson H.

Kelson H.

Kelson is a spud head from out west. He is most happy when holding a milky tea with too much honey and playing a sprawling role playing game or reading a fantasy novel. His video game tastes vary but his main genres are looter shooters, RPGs, and real time strategy games.
starfield freestar rangers on the run featured image

On the Run – Starfield Mission

With information on two of The First’s members that set up the Hopetown ship heist, you can start hunting them down. In this faction mission walkthrough, we’ll help you catch up with Marco. While the prior missions were dialogue heavy,…

starfield freestar rangers surgical strike featured image

Surgical Strike – Starfield Mission

Now that you know of a couple persons of interest tied to The First, you can start hunting them down. This is the only instance in any faction that you will choose between two missions on which to do first.…

starfield freestar rangers shadows in neon featured image

Shadows in Neon – Starfield Mission

Following the lead you discovered in Hopetown, you’re off to the pleasure city of Neon. This walkthrough will take you through what is a typically brief faction mission for the Freestar Collective, this time with very little combat. Instead, it’s…

starfield freestar rangers where hope is built featured image

Where Hope Is Built – Starfield Mission

This little mission is very fast and doesn’t offer much in the way of mission options. You can play it nice or mean, but it all shakes out the exact same. As the deputy earning their stripes, you need to…

starfield freestar rangers deputized featured image

Deputized – Starfield Mission

In order to join the Freestar Rangers, you’ll first have to show you’re worth your salt. Then – as is the way these things go – you’ll get thrown into the deep end. This mission has a fair amount of…

starfield a legacy forged featured image

A Legacy Forged – Starfield Mission

The conclusion to the UC Vanguard faction is a simple mission that ties up the plot, and doesn’t do much else. There isn’t any combat, and the dialogue is limited to a couple rooms. The only meat of the mission…

starfield war relics featured image

War Relics – Starfield Mission

Another Starfield Mission, another fetch quest. This one isn’t too bad, though, we’re fetching a killer robot while aiding in his killing tendencies. As you might’ve already deduced, the killer robot is the team member for whom Vae Victus gave…

starfield hostile intelligence featured image

Hostile Intelligence – Starfield Mission

Time to take the fight to the Terrormorphs! This is one of the more exciting missions, and you’ll also be happy to hear that you’ll also get some good loot. While this mission is technically another fetch quest, it does…

starfield devils you know featured image

The Devils You Know – Starfield Mission

Sad to say, this mission is another quick fetch quest, but at least it adds some intrigue to the plot with a mysterious new character. In order for you and Hadrian to successfully operate this counter Terrormorph project, you’re going…