Kelson H.

Kelson H.

Kelson is a spud head from out west. He is most happy when holding a milky tea with too much honey and playing a sprawling role playing game or reading a fantasy novel. His video game tastes vary but his main genres are looter shooters, RPGs, and real time strategy games.
how to use stealth

How to Use Stealth – Cyberpunk 2077

You’re probably seeing a lot of videos and reading a ton of articles on all the powerful stealth builds you can play in Cyberpunk 2077. Also, if you missed it, we also have an awesome Full Stealth Build. However, those…

cyberpunk somewhat damaged walkthrough featured image

Somewhat Damaged – Cyberpunk 2077 Mission

Just like the main game, Phantom Liberty has multiple endings depending on choices you make throughout the story. If you decide to side with Reed towards the end of the expansion, you will find yourself sneaking around an underground bunker.…

cyberpunk new 2.0 stealth build update featured image

Full Stealth Build – Cyberpunk 2077

Night City is a crazy place, filled with gang violence, massive evil corporations, and blood around every corner. However, some situations still call for the calm, stealthy approach. In this guide, we will break down a top-to-bottom build for those…