Kelson H.

Kelson H.

Kelson is a spud head from out west. He is most happy when holding a milky tea with too much honey and playing a sprawling role playing game or reading a fantasy novel. His video game tastes vary but his main genres are looter shooters, RPGs, and real time strategy games.
backfirewall news featured image new trailer launch date

Backfirewall_ Release Date and New Trailer

Are you the kind of person who names their computer? Do you feel guilty when for not upgrading your RAM, and instead letting your poor old PC desperately struggle to maintain dozens of browser tabs you’ll “get to eventually”? If…

starfield spaceship guide ship featured image

Spaceships and Space Combat – Starfield

Starfield is a massive role playing game that takes its players out into the unknown of space. Unsurprisingly, some parts of the game like spaceflight, spaceship customization, and spaceship combat play an integral role in the gameplay. Below is a…

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Starfield’s Enemies Might Not Be Level Scaled

In an interview last month with Lex Fridman, Todd Howard revealed that the star systems in Starfield will have level recommendations. This has many implications for how the game will be structured; and also, reveals a departure from long-standing mechanics…