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alone in the dark achievements

Achievements – Alone in the Dark

There are a total of 38 achievements in Alone in the Dark. You will get most of the achievements if you go through the story as both characters, while others will take some practice and a keen eye. Notably, you…

alone in the dark extras

Extras – Alone in the Dark

In order to get the full story of Alone in the Dark, you will need to do multiple playthroughs. Luckily, in addition to changing the difficulty to change things up, there are a few cosmetic changes you can make to…

alone in the dark where to find ammo

Where to Find Ammo – Alone in the Dark

In Alone in the Dark, you are given guns in order to fight the creatures you find during your investigation. However, like many games in the genre, ammo is a limited resource, so you will want to make sure you’re…

alone in the dark combat guide

Combat Guide – Alone in the Dark

On your search for Jeremy in Alone in the Dark, you will run into some monsters. While you are able to fight them, you’ll have to be careful about it, as your resources are limited. In this guide, we will…