Witcher 3 Tips All Beginners Need To Know

The Witcher 3 has been the most awarded game of all time until very recently. Every gamer worth their salt has played or thought about playing this jaw-dropping title, but if you haven’t, we have some valuable tips to help you deal with malicious monsters and horrible humans. 

  • Roads Are Your Friends 
  • Dodge, Roll, And Parry 
  • We’ve Struck Oil! 
  • How Repairs Can Help You 
  • Maybe I Should Lose Some Weight 
  • Don’t FALL For This One Trick 
  • Get A Saddlebag So Roach Can Carry More 
  • Save Yourself! Save The Game Often 
  • Grab Everything You Can 
  • Vitality is Vital, Keep Your Health Up 

These are just some of the important things to consider when starting your journey. The list is by no means an end-all when it comes to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as this game is vast. These are merely to get you started in your endeavor and ones that I wish I had known on my first playthrough.

You’re going to be riding your horse, Roach, quite a bit to get around. Remember, he’s a living animal and not a car, so he does have his stamina level, but there’s a bit of a workaround. Whenever you have the chance to stay on the roads, you can then take your hands off the controls, and she’ll gallop automatically for you without using stamina! 

The number one best way to take no damage in the game… don’t get hit! Seriously though, knowing when to dodge, roll, and parry is key to fighting in The Witcher 3. Dodging is meant to counter attacks with a smaller area of effect while keeping you a bit closer to the enemy. Rolling will be your go-to when dealing with monsters with large AOE’s or charges, and it can also put significantly more distance between you and your assailant than a simple dodge would. Until you learn the nuances of the fighting mechanics, remember most monsters cannot be parried. Parrying is most effective against humans, performed by blocking just as the enemy attack lands, and it opens the opponent up for a counterattack. I won’t lie and say it’s easy, but you’ll pick it up fine with practice.   

Geralt standing in front of battlefield

Oil is something that many beginners overlook at the start of the game but becomes an invaluable addition as you progress. Some monsters you encounter will have specific weaknesses to various oils that coat your steel blade or silver blade. Think of oil as enhancing or augmenting your weapons; it adds different attributes to your base stats. 

As you take damage, and you will keep an eye on your durability levels. The more damaged and worn your weapons are, the less damage they will do, and your armor will block less damage as it degrades. Fortunately for us repairing is very simple; either use the corresponding repair kits or visit a blacksmith for a price.  

Geralt standing backlit

As in many RPGs, encumbrance or weight limit is a significant factor to contend with, but we have some tips coming up to help with that issue. Keep an eye on the weight level in your inventory screen, top-left; otherwise, you’ll be slow-boating it without the ability to fast-travel or even run. Don’t be afraid to sell excess weapons and armor in town to the blacksmith; if it’s not as good as your current gear, then make some money off it. 

Geralt looking back

What kills me more in video games than anything else is fall damage! I swear there is nothing more dangerous to me, gun-toting robot bent on world destruction? No. Swarms of demons and zombies? Not even close. It’s a ledge, a cliff, or anywhere else that lacks a safety rail. The Witcher 3 is no different; steer clear of anything that looks like you might fall off because, trust me, it’s a killer. 

Encumbrance and inventory management plagues all RPGs, and The Witcher 3 is no different. Saddlebags are an item that allows your horse to carry more for you, so you aren’t burdened with all the weight. Saddlebags are found throughout the game, but the largest and earliest one is the Zerrikanian Saddlebag, located early in Act 1 after obtaining the Pyres of Novigrad quest. There is a vendor just past the gate when you are taken to the Putrid Grove. You can find smaller bags before this one, but this has the most bang for your buck.  

Geralt bathing

This tip probably goes without saying for most gamers, but save your game frequently. Nothing is worse than losing hours of progress because of a game-breaking bug, a miss click, or just a simple computer crash. We all know we should save, but we forget that it’s as easy as hitting f5 if you’re on PC.  

My favorite thing to do in any RPG is looting! You’re going to want to collect everything you can get those grubby hands on to, but make sure no one is looking. Loot is the lifeblood of any good game; it’s your weapons, craftables, and even money. Hopefully, some of our earlier tips will help you carry all of your ill-gotten gains for that quick sell at the vendors.  

Your health will only replenish itself slowly outside of combat, so make sure you keep some food items on hand just in case you have a little mishap. Food can be used during battle as well, so it’s even better. Once you’re safe, I would suggest meditating to refill all missing health instantly, set the meditation for an hour.  

Geralt sleeping

Many tips and tricks for The Witcher 3 couldn’t be included, but these are some of the highlights. As you experience this game, you will discover the many mechanics, nuances, and joy that I have found with this beautiful piece of art over the years. 

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