Part 4: Democracy In Action, The Egyptian Plaque

Start tracking “Democracy in Action”, then use the objective marker to head back to Malleolus’s house. Use your key to unlock the door and enter, then go speak with Malleolus. Ask him “So, you’re Quinctius?” He’ll deny it, say whatever you want then end the conversation. From Malleolus, turn around, then go right and towards the wall (1), then right again to find a fairly well-hidden staircase (2). Continue down the hallway on the red carpet until you reach double-doors (3). Unlock them and speak with the woman inside.

Say “Can we talk?” and then “Why are you locked in this room?” Then say “How would you like some help getting back at Malleolus?” When you can, select “Just a hunch. I was hoping we could figure out his true identity together…” When she asks why you’re helping her, say “I just hate to see such a beautiful woman treated so poorly”. She’ll ask you for wine; say “Actually, I don’t have any questions.” Then tell her “I have some wine right here.” She’ll give you the letter, and you’ll explain what it means. She’ll get upset — tell her “No. I think I’ll hang onto it” and then “I’ll be going now”.

Go downstairs and back to Malleolus, and say “I want you to withdraw from the election.” When he asks you why, tell him “Because I know you’re Quinctius…” and then you can lie to him or not about who you are. When he asks if you’re going to kill him, say “Not if you withdraw from the election immediately and release everyone in debt bondage to you.” Finish your conversation as you like and leave his villa.

Start tracking “The Sinner” if you aren’t, and follow the objective marker to find Rufius. Ask him “Are you the one threatening Vergil?” Then say “I know it was you…” Since you got him the Willow Bark, he’s feeling better, and will explain himself and promise to leave Vergil alone. Now return to Vergil, and you’ll be able to tell him that you spoke with Rufius.

Say goodbye to Vergil, then commit a crime! You can use your bow on someone, steal something from a shop, or whatever you like. To make it easier to get back to the portal, you can do this in the apartments, which are very close to the shrine. Head back through the portal, and when you reset the time loop, speak with Galerius and say “I’m [name], and I need you to take care of some things urgently.” Then send him on all 4 errands.

While you wait for him to do his chores, start tracking “The Egyptian Plaque”, then go speak with Aurelia, who should be just down the stairs to the left, in the apartments. Speak with her, and when you can, ask “I’m looking for Khabash. Have you seen him?” She’ll suggest you talk to Georgius, so let’s do that. Head back to the market, and follow the Objective Marker to speak with Georgius. Tell him “I’m looking for Khabash…” and then say “You can trust me…” Then finish your conversation with him, and follow the objective marker through the market to the temple, whch is the last building on the right before the baths.

temple of demeter the forgotten city walkthrough

Head into the temple, and head to the right of the statue to find a small trapdoor on the ground. Crouch and head through it, then continue through the tunnel until you find an old man sitting in a large cavern. Go speak with him, tell him your name or not, and then say the following when you have the option:

  1. “I’m looking for Kabash.”
  2. “Sounds easy enough.”
  3. “I’m not sure. It’s a complex question.”
  4. “It is.”
  5. “Whose version of right and wrong?”
  6. “No, I don’t think so.”
  7. “I think there’s no such thing as a “correct morality.”
  8. “I think we need to follow the laws and customs of our community.”
  9. “No, I suppose not.”
  10. “What’s your point?”
  11. “I’m not sure about that. What about “do not kill”?
  12. “I agree.”

This will please him, and he’ll help you now. Ask him “Do you know where I can find a plaque that was removed from the obelisk?” He’ll tell you a long story (it doesn’t matter how you respond) and at the end of the conversation he’ll give you a key. You can talk to him more if you like, then you can say “I’ll be going now.”

If you’re still tracking “The Egyptian Plaque”, you’ll have an objective marker leading you to the Catacombs. Head back the way you came onto the wooden bridge, then turn right and jump down to reach the locked door. Open it, and head through into the catacombs. There’s only one way forward, so simply continue until you reach water. There will be an enemy ahead, so be ready. Head forward through the water and down the stairs, then through the doorway at the bottom.

doorway in catacombs the forgotten city walkthrough

Once you go through the doors, turn right and jump up the broken concrete pillars here (1). Then crouch to start sneaking, and sneak across the room and up the concrete ramp (2). Once you get to the top of the building, grab the arrows from the vase, then get up onto the wooden walkway (3), and jump across the gap to the other side (no need to sprint).

Once you land on the other side of the gap, start sneaking again, and sneak all the way down the wooden walkway. Stick to the left, and exit the room through the doorway flanked by the large statue. Once you’re a decent way inside, you can stop sprinting and simply continue forward. You’ll finally meet Khabash — no matter what you say, he’ll give you the Egyptian plaque, then throw the 4th plaque down the hole. Jump down the hole once you’re done talking to him.

You’ll land in the water — swim to the bottom and grab the 4th plaque. Then exit the water via the staircase and continue forward. You’ll go down some stairs and then find sand and water; take a left, then a right where a statue of a woman points the way forward (1). Turn right in the next large hallway, and make your way carefully around and continue straight past the large circular disc on the ground (2). Once you pass the stone disc, there’s only one way forward — you’ll make your way left, then right again, and finally make your way left and out a small doorway. Turn left and you’ll see another circular disc on the ground — head around it to the right, and turn right into the large hall.

You’ll see Khabash at the top of the huge staircase. Take care of the last stone disc in front of you, and move forward a bit. You’ll start a conversation with Khabash; say the following to avoid killing him:

  1. “There’s no need for this to end in violence.”
  2. “If something can be destroyed by truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth”.
  3. “Isn’t being a good person a worthwhile pursuit, in and of itself?”
  4. “Even if your beliefs about the afterlife weren’t quite accurate, isn’t the important thing they motivated you to live good lives?”

You can just kill him if you want, but you’ll have to run back to the shrine and go through the portal because you broke the Golden Rule. Either way, head all the way up the ramps, past Khabash, then climb the ladder past him. You’ll enter a small stone passageway — continue forward and climb the next ladder, then exit through the nearby double doors with hieroglyphics.

Turn slightly right once you exit the doors, and continue through the hole in the wall there (1). Take a right once you go through the hole, then take your next left (2) and pass through a series of rooms to return to the cavern with the old man (3).

 Continue forward, following the wooden walkway up and around, past the old man you spoke with earlier. Take a left once you reach him and continue on the wooden walkway, then continue this way until you reach the small trapdoor in the temple of Demeter that you entered by.

Exit the temple, and turn left, then head for the 4-way arch. You should find Equitia there — ask her what the status of the election is, then ask her if she can hold it early. When she asks why, reply “Holding it early may prevent conflict between the voters”. She’ll agree, and begin gathering people for the election. To watch the proceedings, head through the market, and turn left once you go up the small ramp. Continue forward a up the stairs, and you’ll see the amphitheater on your left. ‘Take a seat’ and watch the action!

Note 1: If you took a long time finding the previous tablets, the election may have already taken place, in which case you should do something to break the Golden Rule, and then send Galerious on all 4 errands again. Then find Equitia and follow the instructions in the above paragraph.

 Once the election ends, head back the way you came, and turn left once you go down the stairs to find Duli’s cage. Once Horatius unlocks the cage, head in and grab the plaque (Duli may speak to you, it doesn’t matter what you say to him). Duli will almost immediately break the Golden Rule, but that’s fine, since we got what we needed. You can watch him do so, or you can just start running back to the shrine with the portal. Either way, take the portal back to the beginning of the time loop once Duli breaks the Golden Rule.

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2 years ago

Thanks for the walkthrough but I’m stuck on getting Galerius elected. Can only influence Rufius
to vote for him. Need to get the Greek Plaque. You don’t mention how do do this.

Reply to  DanielD
2 years ago

Thanks for the reply. I had completed all the tasks but had not freed Malleolus’ servants. So will reset the timeloop & see what happens.

Last edited 2 years ago by Topcat
Reply to  Topcat
2 years ago

Sorry I meant meant I had completed the tasks but I needed to reset the timeloop when getting the Egyptian Plaque & didn’t get Galerius to do the 4 errands again. So will go through that sequence again & see what happens.

Reply to  DanielD
2 years ago

All good. The timeloop reset worked & the election & Greek Plaque retreaval successful. Thanks.

1 year ago

I think it might be important to say somewhere there is some time pressure on your character.
At one point, I was in the slum and suddenly everybody ran to the theater. I still hadn’t talked to everybody, elections took place, chaos ensued. Time reset.
Now, I’m at the exit of the Greek temple and I simply can’t get out. as I get shot by Khabash statues when entering the last room to talk to him. Probably because after getting the 4th plaque, the world went grey without me doing anything. Which means elections had taken place.
So, I ‘ve to redo the all temple part and Galerius’ and who knows what (thanX for Galrius tips, I was wondering why there was this stuf f already done in the dialogue and no way to avoid asking him to redo that).
And why is the background of the comment box dark grey, I can’t see shite.