Dying Gasp: How to Get the Silphium Resin – The Forgotten City Quest Walkthrough

Welcome to our Quest Walkthrough for The Forgotten City’s Dying Gasp quest! There are a couple of ways to get the Silphium Resin you need for this quest, though both of the quick ways involve breaking the Golden Rule and restarting the time loop.

There are two easy ways to get the silphium resin: you can steal it, or you can get enough gold to buy it from Desius (though this also involves stealing). It may be possible to obtain the resin without breaking the Golden Rule, but that would require finding all of the hidden treasure on the map, and would take quite a while. In this guide, we’re going to focus on the two quick and easy ways. Here’s how to get the Silphium Resin and save Iulia:

Desius’s stall is the last one on the left when you enter the market. The resin is easy to find, as it sits in the open on his stall. Once you grab the silphium resin, the golden statues will start turning everyone in to gold — you included — so be ready to run when you steal the resin (it’s also a good idea to quicksave with [F5] before you steal it). Head back to the Shrine of Proserpina and enter the portal, then go straight to the Shrine of Apollo and give Lucretia the resin.

stealing resin the forgotten city walkthrough

You can also choose to give Desius the ludicrous sum he wants. While it might be possible to collect enough gold by treasure hunting with the Golden Bow, it’s faster (and more ironic) to pay him with his own denarii. Go into Desius’s shop (which is just behind his stall) and grab the key off of the shelf, then steal the denarii from his chest. This will naturally break the Golden Rule, and you’ll have to run back to the Shrine of Proserpina, so save before you try this.

paying desius the forgotten city silhpium resin walkthrough

Once you restart the time loop, go immediately to the market, and pay Desius for the silphium resin. Then head to the Shrine of Apollo and give it to Lucretia before Iulia dies.

We hope this guide was helpful! Feel free to leave questions or suggestions in the comments below, and be sure to take a look at our walkthrough or our other guides if you need more guidance in The Forgotten City.

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