Part 5: The Great Temple and the Epilogue

Now we’re going to make our way to the Great Temple by way of the aqueduct. You can tell Galerius you’re busy, then turn right and head into the nearby structure and go up the stairs. Head up the ladder at the top, then run across the top of the aqueduct until you reach the Great Temple. Track “A Hurculean Task” to help find the Obelisk, then go up the stairs and turn left, then continue straight and you’ll reach your objective.

You’ll have the Octavia/Ulpius interaction again — you can handle this how you want, since we’re going to undo all of this very soon. Once Ulpius does or doesn’t jump, walk up to the obelisk, and place all four plaques in their slots on the four sides of the obelisk. This will open the door to the Great Temple. Walk up the stairs, and head inside. You’ll go through a series of rooms, representing the different eras of the Forgotten City. At each door, you’ll speak a different name:

  1. At the first door, you’ll have to speak the name of the Roman God on the list, which is “Pluto, Father of Riches”.
  2. At the second door, speak the name of the Greek god, “Hades”.
  3. At the 3rd door, speak the name of the Egyptian god “Osiris”.
  4. Finally, speak the name “Nergal” at the fourth door (and get ready for a surprise).

Keep going forward into the massive, futuristic chamber, and speak with the man on the throne, the God of the Underworld.

the gods office the forgotten city walkthrough
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There are a few ways to get him to free everyone from the city:

Option 1 — Persuade him that he’s been unfair (see steps below for how to do this).

Option 2 — Fail to persuade the god. Once negotiations break down, you can shoot the glass chamber to his right, grab the crown from the woman (Proserpina) inside, and then run back to the portal in the shrine. Then return to the God of the Underworld and show him the crown, and tell him you’ll kill his wife again if he doesn’t abolish the Golden Rule.

How to Convince Pluto/Hades/Osiris/Nergal to Abolish the Golden Rule:

Follow these steps, and note that any time there’s only one dialog option to choose, it is not listed below, since you have no choice but to click it in order to continue the conversation.

  1. First, exhaust all of the dialog options under “What’s your story?” then say “Let’s talk about something else”.
  2. Next, exhaust all the dialog options under “What is this place”, then say “Let’s talk about something else”.
  3. “Are you responsible for the Golden Rule?”
  4. “What do you consider a sin?”
  5. “That principle is not as easy to apply as it sounds.”
  6. “I’ve seen some terrible things here that you didn’t consider a sin…”
  7. “Experiments on the golden statues.”
  8. “That seems like an extremely literal interpretation of the rule.”
  9. “No, of course not. Never mind.”
  10. “I’ve heard enough. This just shows how unreliable and subjective your moral code is…”
  11. “No, but that’s my point…”
  12. “And if you did, you’d be proving my point.”
  13. “Let’s talk about something else.”
  14. “That’s all the questions I had.”
  15. “I’m from the future”.
  16. “I was hoping you could tell me.” (Lie)
  17. “Shouldn’t you know this, as the God of the Underworld?”
  18. “I’d like you to put an end to The Golden Rule.”
  19. “The golden rule is corrupting this city…”
  20. “Rufius has become so paranoid that he’s jumping at shadows…”
  21. “How can you expect us to live without sin…”
  22. “You’ve given terrible punishments to hundreds of people…”
  23. “If our positions were reversed…”
  24. “No.”
  25. “What makes your kind superior to mine?”
  26. “Why does wisdom and technology make you superior?”
  27. “So you think you’re not obliged to treat us fairly…”
  28. “What was it the Roman Stoics said? “Treat your….””
  29. “Everyone has superiors. There’s always someone more powerful…”
  30. “But didn’t you say Jupiter was your leader?”
  31. “I’m saying: If you can’t follow your own rule, how can you expect humans to?”
  32. “You’re not a monster. You’re a human, and you made a mistake.”
  33. “Humans make mistakes. It’s in our nature.”
  34. “Perhaps he made a mistake too.”
  35. “Perhaps when you took on human form, you took on some human foibles as well.”
  36. “We just want to return to the world.”
  37. “Why?”

The god will finally agree with you, and abolish the Golden Rule, then send you back to your time. You’ll see Al Worth nearby, approach him and begin a conversation. Say whatever you want to him, then the conversation will end and you’ll find yourself back in the ruins. Follow the objective marker to the river, where you’ll meet Charon. If you tell her you know who you are, you’ll get a neat little conversation before Al shows up.

She’ll ferry you both downriver, and you’ll get the “good ending”, which takes place one year later. You’ll get a chance to talk to all the NPCs from the game, and hear about their new lives — it’s pretty neat, and honestly one of the sweetest, most satisfying epilogues I’ve seen in a game. Enjoy! Note that if you run all the way to the end of the hall, you’ll end the epilogue, so make sure you talk to everyone you want to as you make your way through the museum.

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1 year ago

Thank you so much for this guide. TFC is leaving gamepass so I wanted to play the game. Your guide is EXCELLENT! Thank you!