Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – More questions answered.

When I answered ten of your top asked questions on Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it proved to be very popular, so I’m going to do it again. I’ve taken the next ten most asked questions, and answered them. here you go.

If you do have something specific that you want to know, please ask.

Where is The Bannered Mare?

‘The Bannered Mare’ is one of the two taverns in Whiterun. When you enter the village through the main gates just keep walking forward it’s on a slight hill.


What is the highest health / magicka / stamina level?

You start with 100 pts in each category, and can add 10 pts to any of them each time you level up to 50 levels. After this point you can still gain perks and skills levels are harder to come by. So assuming you put all the points into one of them you can have up to 49 (You start at 1) x 100 + 100 = 5000, though I doubt it would be a good idea to neglect the other two categories like that.

Can you reassign perk points?

Legitimately? No you can’t, once they are set that is it if you regret your choice you will have to reload from a save game and try them in something else. There are ways to cheat on the pc version and edit your skills etc by using the console.

Repair Hammer

Thankfully, there are no Repair Hammers in Skyrim. That archaic and bizarre smithing ritual is in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Weapons and armour do not degrade, so there is no need for Repair Hammers.

Tanning racks

It looks like a hide stretched out on a frame, and it’s where you turn all those hides into workable leather. I assume you are just looking for where the Tanning racks are. Riverwood (the first city you are directed to) as well as Whiterun are the two places I use most often.

Mixing Ingredients in Skyrim

To ensure that you get as many workable potions as possible, when mixing potions use two ingredients that have a shared effect then add a third one which has no known shared effect. You will create a potion with a useful function, and are likely to discover things about that 3rd ingredient. It has worked for me anyway, though you may create a fair few failed potions as well, so it’s a double edged sword really.

How do you switch between 1st / 3rd person

For the xBox 360 just push on the right stick to switch between 1st and 3rd person perspective. On the PC you should press ‘F’ key to toggle between views.

Why does it keep saying I can’t do anything in because my hands are bound?

I’m assuming that you are still in the opening minutes of the game. Even when the dragon arrives, your hands remain bound until you get to the tower where you are freed and then the tutorial part of the game begins. If you have already passed this bit, then it must be a bug, try reloading from a previous save.

How many rings can you wear

Just the one which I think is quite odd considering all the races have ten digits per hand. I suppose that if each character wears ten rings, it could lead to jewellery being either overpowered or too insignificant on their own. So it’s probably for the best.

How do you raise how much you can carry?

Increasing your stamina increases the amount you can carry as well. Every 10 points you add to your stamina increases your carrying capacity by 5 pts.

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11 years ago

if all of your skills are already 100 do augmentation % increase the skill further. so if im 100 in archery does fortify archery have any effect?

11 years ago

Brilliant thanks for that mate