Helldivers 2 Galactic War Report — Maps, Updates, Major Orders (Updated 4/5)

Approved by the Ministry of Truth on Super Earth, we bring you the Galactic War Report for Helldivers 2. This daily report should keep Helldivers and citizens up to date on the current state of the war, featuring the Galactic Map, Updates, and the current Major Order from High Command. As well, the War Calendar, documenting the progress of the war effort day-by-day, is maintained below.

Updated frequently, this report also includes orders from High Command, giving unassigned Helldivers a clear indication of what battles would best benefit the forces of freedom, justice, and managed democracy.

The most recent Galactic War Report was released on April 5th, 2024, and has been approved by Super Earth for broad publication:

galactic war report 4 5 24

Currently, Super Earth’s High Command commands all Helldivers to descend upon the three remaining Automaton worlds to finally clear the galaxy of the Automaton scourge.

Expires April 4th.

Annihilation: All Helldivers are ordered to make an all-out push to completely destroy the Automaton Legion. Despite the enemy’s losses, Automaton messages still include references to “The Reclamation.” They must be annihilated before this plan can be carried out. Countless Helldivers gave their lives to acquire this opportunity. Do not let their sacrifices be in vain. Protect our way of life. Destroy the Automatons at any cost.

To complete this major order, Helldivers must control 3 planets — Maia, Tibit, and Durgen — when the Major Order expires. Currently, all three planets are contested, but not controlled.

The war reports from the last week are displayed here, for immediate posterity and active war knowledge.

If you need to see War Reports from further back, see our archives below.

War Report Archives

All previous War Reports are compiled here for posterity and for the sake of the free press*. Leave us a comment if you plan to use any of the archival data for the sake of preservation, education, entertainment, school project, or other endeavor; we are always proud to support our fellow Helldivers, with proper patriotic credit.

*Subject to Super Earth approval, censure, and investigation.

He is the full list of weekly War Reports, containing daily graphics, campaign summaries, and important updates.

Ever wondered just how much tyranny the enemies of democracy have wrought every single day? Now you can see for yourself. This War Calendar tracks how many planets in the galaxy are contested and controlled by the Automaton and Terminid horrors, while also remembering significant dates and inspirational quotes that are sure to inspire any true patriot in their valiant duty!

We hope this Galactic War Report is of great use for Helldivers and Citizens alike, and that it serves a useful purpose in the name of Super Earth. But, Super Earth officials would like to remind you to return to the battlefield as quickly as possible, as the enemies of freedom never rest. Make sure to check back often for fresh reports, and to act on them swiftly so we can ensure peace in the galaxy.

From the SES Herald of Truth, the watchful eye of managed democracy: Give ’em Hell, Divers!

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