Helldivers 2 Weekly Report (3/2-3/8) – Interrupted Exosuit Production

One month ago today, Automaton and Terminid onslaughts forced the firm hand of Super Earth into a righteous fist, and the 2nd Galactic War began. In that time, the war — which Super Earth Command first would be quickly won — has turned into a slow tide of planets changing hands. In the last week, the Automatons have launched a desperate attack to prevent the deployment of important Super Earth tactical assets: exosuits. At the same time, Terminids have pushed back and are now moving back into Super Earth space.

Seen the Galactic War Reports below for a daily summary of the progress of the war between March 2nd and March 8th:

Helldivers had a successful week in the war front, defending Democracy from bugs and bots alike. Notably, Helldivers succeeded at keeping Angel’s Venture and Heeth under Super Earth control, holding a major strategic objective despite a hidden army of Terminids just beneath the surface.

Super Earth would like to remind Helldivers that Angel’s Venture is no longer a major strategic objective, and while it should be held, it will not negatively impact our war footing whatsoever should we lose it. Only the good citizens on it, which is reason enough to fight.

Super Earth also announced that production was underway on Tien Kwan of EXO-45 PATRIOT EXOSUITS, powerful mechanized mobile platforms capable of delivering righteous payloads onto the enemies of liberty, while protecting its valiant warriors. However, shortly after this announcement, a traitor must have leaked this production schedule, because the Automatons attacked Tien Kwan.

However, these Automatons stood no chance against the might of the Helldivers and, earlier today, Tien Kwan was liberated, opening up production of the EXO-45 PATRIOT EXOSUIT, improving Helldiver combat efficacy by 84% (approximate numbers from Super Earth sources).

Automatons have stagnated in the last week, and little progress has occurred on the western front, aside from a foolish attack levied against Tien Kwan. While this attack temporarily interrupted the creation of an array of mechanized exosuits, our Helldivers quickly cleared the planet, allowing for the mass production of Patriot Exosuits.

Super Earth now believes this attack to be one of desperation, and think that it may demonstrate the Automaton forces are being weakened. Keep pressing, divers!

The Terminid front has been somewhat more dire. Previously fought to a standstill, the underhanded bugs proved their ability to rapidly evolve this week. While their inferior forms are still crushed under the boot heel of liberty, their sheer numbers caught Super Earth forces by surprise as they pushed the front back to the Umlaut and Orion Sectors.

Much of this push seems to have been fueled by an accelerated growth pattern, which has made the insectoid menace harder to deal with, leading to operational failures even in missions that would’ve been surefire a week ago. Super Earth reminds all Helldivers to keep appraised of the situation.

The following updates were released during this week:

  • Planetary Hazards active
  • Many planets now have additional environmental challenges that will appear at random while you are deployed, from fire tornadoes to meteor showers and many more.

Eradicate Missions

  • Eradicate missions now require more kills and enemies spawn more often. The time to complete the mission was previously shorter than intended and should now usually take twice as long to complete.

Primary, Secondary, & Support Weapons

  • Breaker: Decreased magazine capacity from 16 to 13, increased recoil from 30 to 55
  • Railgun – Decreased armor penetration in Safe Mode, decreased damage against durable enemy parts
  • Flamethrower: Increased damage per second by 50%
  • Laser Cannon: Increased damage against durable enemy parts, increased armor penetration, improved ergonomics
  • Punisher: Increased total ammo capacity from 40 to 60, increased stagger force, increased damage from 40 per bullet to 45 per bullet
  • Breaker Spray & Pray: Increased armor penetration, increased fire rate from 300 to 330, increased number of pellets from 12 to 16 per shot, decreased magazine size from to 32 to 26


  • Energy Shield Backpack: Increased delay before recharging
  • 380mm and 120mm Orbital Barrages: Increased duration of the bombardment, decreased spread


  • Fixed armor rating values not reducing damage as intended.
  • Fixed certain Bug Holes (including Stalker Nests) that were unnecessarily hard to destroy.
  • Fixed anti-aliasing toggle not working on PS5.
  • Balanced lighting across all planets to solve cases where the game was too dark.
  • Improved flashlight efficacy.
  • Increased visibility during “sand rain” weather on Erata Prime.
  • Updated tutorial materials and lighting.
  • Improved cases where some materials could look blurry if “Lighting” graphic setting was set to “Low”.
  • Fixed timing issues that could occur in the “Extract E-710” primary objective.
  • Changed button interaction behavior for buttons in bunker POIs. Helldivers will now let go of the button after holding it for a few seconds.
  • Fixed some cases of large assets floating if the ground beneath them was blown up.
  • Helldivers standing next to ICBMs during launch will get properly toasty with a chance of not-so-spontaneous combustion.
  • Fixed unthrowable snowballs after ragdolling.
  • Fixed being able to use grenades after drowning.
  • Camera no longer locked on the player’s own corpse and blocking spectator mode.
  • Helldivers now take damage from fire, gas etc. generated by other players.
  • Armor no longer stretches when dismembered.

After liberating Tien Kwan, the Patriot Exosuit stratagem was introduced, costing 20,000 Requisition and requiring Level 20 to purchase. It was made temporarily available for all Helldivers as part of its introduction.

Though our enemies are weak and their cause unjust, the wily resilience of barbarism and cruelty has proven this week that no citizen of Super Earth is safe until the enemies of it are purged from the galaxy. Be it in the factories of Tien Kwan, the battlefields of Errata Prime, or the homesteads of Super Earth, Helldivers will claim victory.

If you want to keep up to date with the 2nd Galactic War, you can do so on our main War Report Page here.

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