Helldivers 2 Weekly Report (3/23 to 3/29) – Automatons, We’re Coming for YOU!

After weeks of slogging battles, Helldivers truly proved themselves this week as they made several strategic advances into both fronts of the war. Most notably, the bots have been placed into a precarious position, as they deserve for their opposition to the democratic ideals of Super Earth. With new weapons in hand, Super Earth forces are more primed than ever to dismantle and destroy the enemies of mankind.

Seen the Galactic War Reports below for a daily summary of the progress of the war between March 23rd and 29th.

With the deployment of two new Strategems to the front (the Cuasar Cannon and the Heavy Machine Gun), massive progress has been made on both fronts of the war.

These new weapons of war, combined with new weather conditions and tweaks to existing armaments, have made for exciting times on the battlefield, as the champions of democracy learn the new tools of the trade.

In the western fringes, Helldivers finally re-engaged with the Automaton threat, quickly clearing them out of the Trigon Sector and largely back into their originating Severin Sector. While Helldiver forces have been staunch resistance there, the fact is that the Automatons have been forced onto the back foot, and it is only a matter of time until their socialist tendencies are cleansed from the galaxy.

Super Earth forces are currently in the process of attempting to liberate the bot production stronghold of Tibit.

On the eastern front, Helldiver pushes into Terminid territory have softened as more and more troops reallocate to the Automaton campaign. Despite this, movement on the front lines of Mirin and Draco Sector has been rapid and ever-shifting. The mere fact that the bugs have been pressed all the way back there is telling, and we will surely wipe out their carapace-based terrorist bases when we next turn our attention to them.

The following updates were released during this week:

Game no longer freezes when firing arcs from the following weapons and stratagems

  • Arc Thrower
  • Arc Shotgun
  • Tesla Tower

The following items were added to the game:

  • LAS-99 Cuasar Cannon: Requires Level 18 and 7,500 Requisition.
  • MG-101 Heavy machine Gun: Requires Level 12 and 6,000 Requisition.

With a monumental week for all those in favor of freedom and democracy, Super Earth forces are making steady progress as they fight both the Automaton and Bug monstrosities. Finally shifting our fight to the western campaign, Super Earth experts are hopeful that we will destroy the bot’s primary production capabilities by Egg Hunting Day on Sunday. We will see…

If you want to keep up to date with the 2nd Galactic War, you can do so on our main War Report Page here.

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