If I'm not working or spending time with the family I'm probably gaming. Some of my favorite recent games I've played are Far Cry 5, World of Warcraft Classic, and 7 Days to Die.
Fallout 4 Generator with PYLONS

How to Use Power in Fallout 4

An important factor in keeping many settlement components functioning smoothly is power! Fallout 4’s workshop has several objects that require electricity (and a specific amount of it) in order to run: light sources, water purifiers, and automated defenses, for example.…

going medieval patch notes bug fixes, pathfinding

Going Medieval Patch Notes: Bug Fixes, Pathfinding

The Going Medieval team has released patch, this patch has multiple bug fixes to prevent game crashes, animals spawn rate rebalance, and minor pathfinding optimization. This was posted on their Steam page and can be read below: Patch…

aion classic character reservation faction balance measures

Aion Classic Character Reservation: Faction Balance Measures

Yesterday NCSOFT opened character reservations for Aion Classic on the two servers they are planning to release with. After less than a day and thousands of characters reserved they’ve have to implement limitations on which factions can be created prior…

aion classic races

Aion Classic Races

The world of Atreia is inhabited by two playable factions, the Asmodians and the Elyos, along with a third non-playable faction (the Balaur): Asmodians The Asmodians are a brave and hardy people, separated from the Elyos by the Epic Cataclysm…

aion classic lore

Aion Classic Lore

The story of Aion is rich and diverse, stretching back thousands of years to the creation and subsequent shattering of Atreia to the present day. I would know because I have seen it all unfold before my very eyes. For now…

aion classic pre launch faqs

Aion Classic Pre-Launch FAQs

Compiled by Aion Classic Network () Primary Sources Unless specifically noted, the answers below are taken from the primary sources listed above which are all official NC / Aion sites. Other answers come directly from NC Community…

going medieval hotfix crash fixes & bug fixes

Going Medieval Hotfix Crash Fixes & Bug Fixes

Today multiple crash and bug fixes have been released for Going Medieval as posted by the game developers on Steam. This is the first post-launch hotfix implemented so far. Hey everyone, we have our first hotfix ( for Going Medieval…

genshin impact v1.4 what's new

Genshin Impact V1.4 – What’s New

Genshin Impact, one of 2020’s top-grossing games, released its new update on March 17, 2021. Along with this update is the return of previous five-star characters, a new four-star character, new weapons, and a ton of new events that are…

Guns For Hire Companions In Far Cry 5

Guns for Hire / Companions in Far Cry 5

Guns for Hire in Far Cry 5 are NPC companions that fight along side of you. They provide many benefits and can be utilized in different ways such as stealth attacks or pinpointing enemy locations. Specialists Here is a list…