Skyrim daedric helmet featured
Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Date: September 13, 2015

One Skyrim fan creates and sells wearable Daedric helmets on Etsy.

Hard to believe, but Summer’s just about over and Halloween is coming on fast. In only six weeks, all the little neighborhood ghouls and goblins will be ringing the front bell, ever hopeful for mini-Snickers and Kit Kats.

Like most of you, my trick-or-treating days are long since past, but if I could make the rounds again I’d definitely want to go decked out in a Skyrim Daedric helmet.

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Skyrim Daedric Helmet

If not the best, Skyrim Daedric is arguably the coolest armor in all of Skyrim (see our article Which Is Better? Daedric or Dragonplate Armor In Skyrim? for a technical breakdown). One Skyrim fan and master craftsman obviously thinks so: Benjamin Ng Tang (who works under the moniker BlackSteelProps) is selling a wearable Daedric helmet on Etsy that looks like the real deal.

According to the Etsy write-up, over 200 hours went into the original fiberglass model the helmet’s polyurethane cast was made from. And believe me, it shows. Even Eorlund Gray-Mane would be impressed with the level of detail in this helmet. All the textures are real, and the silver on black paint paint job is simply amazing.

BlackSteelProps also creates Daedric daggers and Daedra heart stress balls (perfect for taking out frustrations after getting killed by Daedra mobs in Imperial City).

Truthfully, all of BlackSteelProps gear is probably too good for Halloween, but I know a lot of Skyrim fans who’d love to have a Daedric helmet on display in an office or man cave.

Until next time, fellow travelers! Keep your eyes to the skies, but before you do so, be sure to check the photos posted below of BlackSteelProps impressive work.

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Skyrim daedric helmet
Photo copyright BlackSteelProps

Skyrim daedric helmet 2
Photo copyright BlackSteelProps

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