The Talos Principle 2 – Verdant Canyon (South 2) Star Statue Guide

The Verdant Canyon truly lives up to its name, with its many winding natural corridors and jutting clifftops. These make for some tricky navigation and puzzling, though, when it comes to locating the Prometheus Statue’s Sprite and to getting a beam into Pandora’s Box. But, with this guide, you’ll be more than equipped to do some canyon running.

The Star Statue Puzzles in The Talos Principle 2 are puzzles dotted throughout the 12 regions of game, with 2 Statues in each region. Solving them allows you to acquire Stars, and once you have them all, you’ll be able to enter the Astronomical Temple near the Megastructure.

There are 3 different kinds of Star Statue Puzzles: Prometheus Puzzles, which require you to chase his sprites through the region; Pandora Puzzles, which require to you connect her box to a beam to activate; and Sphinx Puzzles, which require you to solve a key placard.

To solve the Prometheus Puzzle, you should start by located the Statue itself. It is opposite Puzzle 4 (Image 1), up a rise that will be to the North (Image 2). You don’t need to go all the way to the top of the plateau, but rather turn to the left (Image 3) and you’ll come upon the statue (Image 4), which will have a placard that reads “Find my sprite and follow it until it leads you back to me.”

To find said Sprite, you’ll need to go past Puzzle 6 (Image 5) in order to reach one of the Lost Puzzles (Images 6 and 7). The Sprite will be directly opposite that puzzle (Image 8).

When you first touch it, it won’t go far, starting by simply going south into the center of the shallow lake (Image 9). After this, however, it starts getting a little… shifty.

The next place it will go will be hovering below a gravity-defying platform to the west (Image 10), which you’ll have to look up to see. To reach it, you’ll need to cling to the black wall to your right by approaching it and jumping (Image 11), which you can continue doing until you go around the platforms and can reach it (Image 12). After you touch it, double jump to release from the platform to fall to the stone below (Image 13), and continue on this raised part until you can touch the Sprite again (Image 14).

After this, it will go some way somewest, requiring you to clamber on some rocks (Image 15) to reach it (Image 16).

The Sprite’s journey isn’t done yet; keep up with it as it goes behind Puzzle 1 (Image 17), then touch it and follow it until it reaches a tree toward the west side of the map (Images 18 and 19), and then goes through a tunnel (Image 20).

It will come out and go to a rocky outcropping in front of Puzzle 2 (Image 21), which you will need to reach by jumping through the hole in the walkway’s railing (Image 22).

Next, the Sprite will go to the transport hub (Images 23 and 24), which you can reach simply by ascending its stairs (Image 25).

Finally, after all that, you can return to the Statue, where the Sprite will be waiting just in front of the Prometheus Statue (Image 26), which you can touch in order to find collect the Star (Image 27).

To find the Statue for the Pandora Puzzle, you will need to navigate through the canyons to the West, where you can follow the “?” icon on your compass to find the Statue (Image 1). You should note when you do that the Green Receiver is not on the front of the box, but rather is on the West side of the box (to your right, Pandora’s left) (Image 2).

For starters, you’ll need to enter the Lost Puzzle that is in front of Pandora (Image 3) and grab the Gravshifter from it (Image 4). For here, look to the northwest, through the gaps in the wall of the puzzle, until you see a black gravity platform, which you can use the Gravshifter on (Image 5).

This will create a purple gravity well which you can enter there (image 6), then detach from in order to get on a higher rocky outcropping leading to a purple barrier (Image 7). Go through the barrier, and you’ll find an Inverter (Image 8), which you can pick up and connect to the Connector on top of the Lost Puzzle (Image 9). You’ll come back to this later.

Next, follow the unfinished beam from that Connector through a tunnel (Image 10) until you reach Puzzle 2 (Image 11).

Once inside Puzzle 2, use the Gravshifter on the east gravity platform (Image 12), and then place it on the button and go through the purple gravity well (Image 13). Once in the small room with the Connector, place it on the concrete platform (Image 14), and then climb the ladder to get back to the Gravshifter.

Next, take the Gravshifter and use it to bring the Connector to the “ceiling” by aiming it there (Image 15), then adjust the aim so that it is back where it was (Image 16) so that you can once again use the fan to enter the gravity well (image 17). Once on the other side, take the Connector and connect it to the Blue Generator (Image 18), then connect it to the Connector in the tunnel (Image 19). This should create a completed Blue beam stretching into the area with the Pandora Puzzle (Image 20).

Once you’ve done that, you can make your way behind the Lost Puzzle, where you can find a section of rocks that you’ll be able to climb (Image 21). Do this until you reach a fan, which you can jump on to make it across a gap to the other side of the canyon (Image 22). Do this once again to a fan on that side (Image 23), and then grab the RGB Converter from the platform here (Image 24).

Bring that Converter back to the Pandora Puzzle and make sure it is in sight of the Green Receiver (Image 25). Then, connect the RGB Converter to the Blue Connector on top of the Lost Puzzle (Image 26) and to the now-Red Inverter you set up earlier (Image 27). Finally, connect the now-Green RGB Converter to the Green Receiver on Pandora’s box (Image 28).

With that, you will power up Pandora’s Box and get access to her Star (Image 29).

the talos principle 2 south 2 prometheus puzzle 7 1 star 1
Image 29

Collecting both Stars in the region will make progress toward opening up the Astronomical Temple outside the Megastructure, but you will need all 24 Stars from each of the 12 Regions in order to do so. Check out our other Star Statue guides for information.

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