The Talos Principle 2 – Grasslands Ring (East 1) Star Statue Guide

The Grasslands Ring is the first proper area you will visit in the Talos Principle 2, and what an introduction it is. Sitting within the large lake that takes up the eastern part of this verdant region are towers: one depicting Prometheus (who you saw at the beginning of the game), and the other depicting Pandora (who you will soon meet). This guide will help you understand what to do with these statues in order to earn coveted Stars. All guides will assume you have completed the region’s puzzles, and thus have full access to the equipment within.

The Star Statue Puzzles in The Talos Principle 2 are puzzles dotted throughout the 12 regions of game, with 2 Statues in each region. Solving them allows you to acquire Stars, and once you have them all, you’ll be able to enter the Astronomical Temple near the Megastructure.

There are 3 different kinds of Star Statue Puzzles: Prometheus Puzzles, which require you to chase his sprites through the region; Pandora Puzzles, which require to you connect her box to a beam to activate; and Sphinx Puzzles, which require you to solve a key placard.

To solve the Pandora Puzzle in the Grasslands Ring, you should start by going to the statue itself. It is located to the south of Puzzle 8, and can be seen on your compass as either a “?” symbol, or as a Star symbol. Once you approach it, you will see that Pandora is holding a box with a Green Receiver on the front (Image 1); you will need to hit this with a Green laser in order to complete the puzzle.

the talos principle 2 area 1 pandora puzzle 0
image 1

In order to solve this puzzle, you will need to use devices from Puzzle 8 (Image 2). It is recommended you do this after completing the test chamber the first time.

Start by grabbing the RBG Converter and connect it to the Blue Laser Generator on the south side of the puzzle (Image 3) and then to the Red Laser Generator on the opposite side of the puzzle (Image 4). This will make the RGB converter glow Green (Image 5), which you can see off to the side.

Next, grab a box and bring it to the far north side of the Puzzle, in sight of both the Green RGB Converter and the Green Receiver on Pandora’s Box (Image 6). You can then grab the Connector, and connect the Green RGB connector (Image 7) and the Green Receiver on Pandora’s Box (Image 8). Place the Connector on top of the box, making sure that both connections are highlighted (Image 9). This will complete Pandora’s Star Statue Puzzle on Grasslands Ring (East 1).

Take connector and connect green dipolar and Pandora’s box to it, then place it on the crate.

After you’ve completed the puzzle, return to the Pandora Statue in order to grab the star (Image 10).

the talos principle 2 area 1 pandora puzzle 4 1 star
Image 10

To solve the Prometheus Puzzle in the Grasslands Rings, you will need to find and chase Prometheus’s blue “Sprite” back to the statue. To start, it is good to locate the statue itself, which is on the north side of the lake, to the left of the Tetromino Bridge to the Tower (Image 1). Engraved on the puzzle is a placard which reads “Find my sprite and follow it until it leads you back to me.” (Image 2)

The Sprite in question is on the other, south side of the lake. The quickest way to reach it from the statue is to turn to the right and head between the four statues flanking the Tetromino bridge (Image 3), and then continue on until you go around the corner. The Sprite will be to the south of the Tower itself (Image 4).

Once you’ve found the Sprite, you simply need to climb up the concrete structure and then touch it to activate it (Image 5). From here, it will start by moving west and attempting to “hide” under an overhang (Image 6), but simply following it and touching it again will keep it moving.

After this, it will travel for a while until it ends up on a platform along the Tetromino Bridge (Image 7). If you have not already built the Tetromino Bridge, you will need to do so now (Image 8) in order to touch the Sprite and get it to move one last time (Image 9).

After touching the Sprite along the Bridge, it will fly toward the statue, where it will hover just in front of it (Image 10). Simply touch it, and it will fly into Prometheus’s Cup, giving you access to a Star (Image 11).

Collecting both Stars in the region will make progress toward opening up the Astronomical Temple outside the Megastructure, but you will need all 24 Stars from each of the 12 Regions in order to do so. Check out our other Star Statue guides for information.

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