The Talos Principle 2 – Flooded Valley (North 2) Star Statue Guide

The Flooded Valley is aptly name; it is the most waterlogged location in the game, and also perhaps the most difficult to navigate. As such, it can be a bit of a challenge both to find the Prometheus Statue’s Spark, and to find the points on the Sphinx’s map. With a little bit of patience and observation (though not swimming lessons), you’ll be able to do it, though, and acquire the Stars of both.

The Star Statue Puzzles in The Talos Principle 2 are puzzles dotted throughout the 12 regions of game, with 2 Statues in each region. Solving them allows you to acquire Stars, and once you have them all, you’ll be able to enter the Astronomical Temple near the Megastructure.

There are 3 different kinds of Star Statue Puzzles: Prometheus Puzzles, which require you to chase his sprites through the region; Pandora Puzzles, which require to you connect her box to a beam to activate; and Sphinx Puzzles, which require you to solve a key placard.

To start the Prometheus Puzzle in the Flooded Valley, you should first locate the statue itself. And, unlike most statues, this one is a little tricky to access, thanks to the dangerous water which surrounds the level.

The Prometheus statue is on a separate island just past one of the hand terminals along the east side of the level (Image 1), and in order to access it you will need to traverse the shallows, which can be seen thanks to the ground being visible through the water (Images 2 and 3). This will get you to the Prometheus statue, and will be useful later (Image 4).

After visiting the statue, head back the way you came and head to Puzzle 4 (Image 5). Once there, turn directly around and look past the sign along the road in front of it (Image 6), where you should be able to make out a structure behind it. Head toward the orb-like structure (Image 7) and touch the Sprite within (Image 8).

The Sprite will move to several locations next. First, it will move to a trail to the east of the structure you found it in (Image 9). Next, it will move further east to a beach, still on the same island (Image 10). Then, it will move to the beach along the wider lake to the south (Image 11). Touch it at each location to get it to move along.

Next, it will move to the tiny island off the coast of the island with the Prometheus statue to the east, which you can once again reach by following the shallows visible under the water (Image 12). You will be able to easily reach the Sprite this way (Image 13), which will finally move to be in front of the Prometheus Statue (image 14), now easily accessible.

Once you’ve chased the Sprite all the way back to Prometheus, you will be able to collect a Star from the statue (Image 16).

the talos principle 2 north 2 prometheus puzzle 4 1 collect the star
Image 16

To begin the Sphinx puzzle in the Flood Valley, start by heading to it (right next to the Tetromino Bridge and transport station) (Image 1) and get a good look at the Key (Image 2), which is a map of the level with 3 “X”s marked at locations you will need to go to flip some switches.

You can activate the switches for this puzzle in any order, but we will go south-to-north (right-to-left on the Key). The first switch is far on the south of the map, on a statue next to a beach where you can see the transport rails and an inaccessible rocky island (Image 3). Simply flip the switch to activate it (Image 4).

The next switch, on the North side of the island that you begin the level on, go past Puzzle 1 (Image 5) to find a statue on the east bank of the northern outcropping. There is a trail leading to the next statue (Image 6). Simply flip the switch on the statue to activate it (Image 7).

In order to access the third and final switch, you will need to have completed 8 puzzles in the region, and will need to complete the Tetromino Bridge if you haven’t yet (Images 8 and 9). Once you’ve done so, approach the tower, but instead of going within it, veer to the right (Image 10), where you will see shallows leading to an island with a large spire (Image 11), which you can traverse.

Finally, find the statue with the switch to the northeast of the spire (Image 12) and flip the switch to activate it (Image 13). If this is your final switch, you will hear and audio cue, and can head back to the statue.

Once you arrive back at the statue after activating the 3 switches on the statues, a Star will be waiting for you (Image 14).

the talos principle 2 north 2 sphinx puzzle 6 2 statue with star
Image 14

Collecting both Stars in the region will make progress toward opening up the Astronomical Temple outside the Megastructure, but you will need all 24 Stars from each of the 12 Regions in order to do so. Check out our other Star Statue guides for information.

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