The Talos Principle 2 – Wooded Plateau (East 2) Star Statue Guide

The Wooded Plateau (East 2) is a beautiful forest filled with life and vibrancy (not to mention puzzles). But, nested within the woods are two statues: one depicting the Sphinx and the other depicting Pandora. The Pandora Statue might be familiar to you from the previous area (The Grasslands Ring), but the Sphinx with its riddles will likely be new to you. And both have some degree of challenge. This guide will help you solve both of the Statues’ puzzles so that you can collect their Stars.

The Star Statue Puzzles in The Talos Principle 2 are puzzles dotted throughout the 12 regions of game, with 2 Statues in each region. Solving them allows you to acquire Stars, and once you have them all, you’ll be able to enter the Astronomical Temple near the Megastructure.

There are 3 different kinds of Star Statue Puzzles: Prometheus Puzzles, which require you to chase his sprites through the region; Pandora Puzzles, which require to you connect her box to a beam to activate; and Sphinx Puzzles, which require you to solve a key placard.

To solve the Pandora Puzzle in the Wooded Plateau, you should start by going to the statue itself. It is located to the north of the map, near Puzzle 8 and the Lost Lab, and can be seen on your compass as either a “?” symbol, or as a Star symbol. Once you approach it, you will see that Pandora is holding a box with a Green Receiver on the front (Image 1); you will need to hit this with a Green laser in order to complete the puzzle.

the talos principle 2 area 2 pandora puzzle 0 1 statue
Image 1

In order to even get a Green beam within sight of Pandora’s Box, you will need to find and follow an incomplete beam. You can find a Connector on top of some rocks to the east of Pandora (Image 2). It will have a dotted line indicating an unpowered beam, and you will need to follow it. It will go past the tram station (Image 3) and toward a concrete structure in the woods (Image 4), where another Connector will turn the beam, which will end will a final Connector on top of a triangular archway just in front of Puzzle 3 (Image 5).

It stopping in front of Puzzle 3 is no coincidence; you will need to enter that Puzzle (Image 6) and create a Green beam to hit it with.

To do so, start by placing the RBG Converter in the center of the Puzzle, so that it has sight of both doorways (to the left and right of the puzzle) and the Connector outside (Image 7). Next, grab a Connector and connect the Red Generator (Image 8) and RGB Connector (Image 9), then do the same on the opposite side with a different Connector for the Blue Generator (Image 10) and RGB Connector (Image 11).

This should cause the RBG Converter to glow Green, so you can pick it up (keeping the connections) (Image 12), and then connect it to the Connector outside the Puzzle on top of the Triangle (Image 13). This should result in the beam being powered (Image 14).

Next, make your way all the way back to Puzzle 8 (Image 15). Once inside, grab a Connector and connect it to both the end of the beam (on top of the rocks) (Image 16), and the Receiver on Pandora’s Box (Image 17). Make sure both are highlighted, then place the Connector, which will activate the Receiver on Pandora’s Box and complete the puzzle (Image 18).

After powering Pandora’s Box, you can return to her statue to collect a Star (Image 19).

the talos principle 2 area 2 pandora puzzle 5 1 star
Image 19

To solve the Sphinx Puzzle in the Wooded Plateau, you will need to start by going to the statue itself, to the south of the tram station (Image 1). Once you are there, take a look at the key on the metal placard on front of the Statue (Image 2), which will upload it to your tablet to access later.

The numbers on the Sphinx Puzzle’s Key (2, 4, 7, and 8) correspond to the Puzzles you will need to activate in order to complete the Puzzle. To activate a Puzzle, you will need to head to each one (Puzzles 2, 4, 7, and 8) and check the rear side of the Puzzle’s numbered sign, where you will find a switch which you can activate. Note that every puzzle has a switch like this, so you will need to make sure you only activate the ones for Puzzles 2, 4, 7, and 8.

Images for each of the signs and switches are below:

After you have activated the correct 4 switches (and no extras), and audio cue will sound, indicating that you can return to the Sphinx Statue to collect your Star (Image 3).

the talos principle 2 area 2 sphinx puzzle 5 1 star
Image 3

Collecting both Stars in the region will make progress toward opening up the Astronomical Temple outside the Megastructure, but you will need all 24 Stars from each of the 12 Regions in order to do so. Check out our other Star Statue guides for information.

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