I'm a huge gamer who especially loves the Final Fantasy series. I will play just about any game, especially if it has anything resembling a Dragoon.
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Final Fantasy X: Overdrives Guide

Overdrives are Final Fantasy X’s version of Limit Breaks. It allows a character to use a special attack that’s unique to them. Overdrives have a wide variety of effects depending on the character, from powerful attacks to buffing your party.…

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Final Fantasy X: Auron Overdrive – Bushido

Auron‘s Overdrive in Final Fantasy X is Bushido. Bushido attacks will do damage to either a single target or all targets, with some having an additional effect. You will be able to learn them as you progress through the game,…

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Final Fantasy X: Lulu Overdrive – Fury

Lulu‘s Overdrive in Final Fantasy X is Fury. When used, she will cast a weaker version of any Black Magic spell she knows X number of times at once, depending on how you execute the Overdrive (up to 16). You…

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Final Fantasy X: Kimahri Overdrive – Ronso Rage

Kimahri‘s Overdrive is called Ronso Rage, and as the game’s Blue Mage, the Ronso Rages are abilities from enemies you encounter throughout the game. How to Learn a Ronso Rage Kimahri learns Ronso Rages through the use of his ability…

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Stray Announcement Trailer Revealed

During Playstation’s Future of Gaming event, they announced a new game called Stray, along with releasing a teaser for it. While we don’t see much as far the game’s story, one thing is clear — if you wanted to experience…