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flintlock siege of dawn enemy floating firing pistol

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn First Impressions

Playing a new soulslike is always a strange experience. None of them ever reach the heights of FromSoft’s masterpieces, yet comparisons to games like Elden Ring feel fundamentally unfair. The copycat titles that end up the most satisfying to play…

how to beat infernal cerberus hades ii boss fight featured image

How to Beat Infernal Cerberus – Hades II Boss Guide

The third boss of Hades II, Cerberus guards the gates of Hades for the usurper Chronos. Cerberus is a surprisingly tame boss, given how challenging the Fields of Mourning are. Still, understanding the three-headed dog’s move set is important, as…

how to beat headmistress hecate featured image hades ii boss guide

How to Beat Headmistress Hecate – Hades II Boss Guide

The very first boss of Hades II, Headmistress Hecate can prove a very difficult foe to get past, especially if Hades II is your introduction to the Hades series. Fortunately, she has a number of vulnerabilities — you just have…

dead by daylight gunslinger shooting survivor

Dead by Daylight April 2024 Stats Show 3-Gens Down Over 5%

We got the latest round of Dead by Daylight statistics today, this time featuring some fun Killer-related numbers. The newly released stats also demonstrate the positive impact recent balance changes have had on the 3-gen meta, and we get to…