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Date: May 24, 2020

Bethesda Game Studios doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to releasing a game and getting it bug-free and not have players get upset about updates. Their recent release of Fallout 76 made its first appearing back in 2018. The game having a few issues at the start is now released on more than just the Bethesda launcher, and Fallout 76 Wastelanders is here emerging from the ashes for vengeance! Bethesda showed off Fallout 76 back on the 2018 E3. Getting the Fallout fans excited for its release by showing off the nuclear mayhem one can cause in the open-world series that fans had wanted for so long, gave some light at the end of the vault when it came to trusting Bethesda on another release.

At the beginning of the Fallout 76 release, players were met with the good old fashion Fallout bugs. But when it came to the games’ free updates, it was enough to keep a good player base for some time before things started to slow down. After the Nuclear Winter update that brought a Battle Royale Mode to Fallout 76 to hopefully bring back some players to try out the game to Rank up and unlock exclusive perks for players in the wasteland, Fallout fans still wanted more when it came to the regular open-world adventure mode. Now we’re getting back into the wasteland with Fallout 76 Wastelanders. The game now embarks with a new central quest system with more choices and consequences for actions that we all want to risk, and this new light also brings new weapons and armor to the wasteland. If you’re one that tried out Fallout 76 back on its first launch and wanted more to-do and choices, then Fallout 76 Wastelanders is worth a try to get yourself back into the wasteland.


Fallout 76 Wasteland Enter Wasteland

Finding the new adventures around the Fallout 76 wasteland is now better than ever with Bethesads new S.P.E.C.I.A.L system to ensure players that like to embark on journeys around the Adventure mode and the Survival Mode by themselves or with friends to ensure their adventure continues wherever they are. That update came after the studios’ Fallout 76 wastelanders release that puts the game on more launchers than just the Bethesda game launcher that we all love so much. After getting out of the Vault to embark on the new wasteland adventures that await outside, this new annual update that comes free to Fallout 76 is precisely what the game needed to get back on its feet after the games’ first launch.

If you’re the type of nuclear survivor to fight off mutants by yourself, then you’ll enjoy the new factions and raider missions that will decide your fate when roaming around the wasteland. Being able to choose and have consequences for your actions is exactly what Fallout fans love. Being able to wander around the open world and do whatever you want is fun and all, but knowing you killed some raiders that were attacking a settlement the night before are still after you and could strike at any time is the boost Fallout fans needed when traveling around this type of nuclear world.

Fallout 76 Wasteland Mutant Enemy

When it comes to the wasteland look in the Fallout series, players are met with fantastic looking landmarks and settlements that make you feel like you’re there roaming the wasteland. While there have been visual bugs in the past Fallout games, Fallout 76 was no different on its first release with a few lighting issues and mesh breaking mountains. But after a little over a year to short out these bugs, Bethesda game studio has ensured that the moment you enter the wasteland out of vault tec that you’ll want to roam around the world as soon as you could. Saying this, I would put Fallout 76’s visual improvements since it’s release date a few points higher because of the hate the game first got at the start. But now that the game is on more launchers and has a growing community, Bethesda seems to be listing a little more when it comes to taking action on the artwork that is down in the wasteland.


Fallout 76 The Wasteland

Now that we’ve got back into the wasteland to see what this new update did to Fallout 76 to bring people back, hopefully, we ask ourselves, is it worth giving it a try? Being a PC gamer and knowing the stress of waiting for a game to download or when a game update is released, I can tell you that I’ve gotten back into Fallout 76 after the wastelanders update now that it’s on Steam. Bethesda game launcher has issues here and there when their games have updates, sometimes forcing the game to download again fully, and on top of that, there are slower speeds compared to other game launchers the game is now on. With a price tag of $39.99 on the Bethesda and Steam stores, Fallout 76 may be a game to grab when it’s on sale or wait to have a few friends to roam with before joining in.

Fallout 76 Wasteland Team Adventures


Fallout 76 is back in the scope for survival gamers to check out after a year of uncertainty, and the unknown of future game updates.

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