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Content Type: Gaming Reviews
Date: March 18, 2020

The fantasy universe has a lot of background when it comes to card-playing games. The Dragon Evo Team brings us an interesting take on the easy access concept of gaming that so many are trying to send out. Dragon Evo is a browser and soon to be a mobile-based trading card game that allows you, the player, to evolve your story over time as the hero of the land of The Devouring Expanse.

With the free-to-play option coming right off the bat of the development of the game, and the opportunity to play wherever you are from the games browser-based system, you can enjoy the game like it’s any other physical card game you’d like with friends. Dragon Evo has a lot of potential with their roadmap showing off a main story system, and a fully supported mobile base system in the works.


Starting in your strategy adventure in Dragon Evo, you’ll pick which hero you’ll like to scour the lands as. Being a card-based strategy game, developing your card deck will come down to your strategy, just like in Magic The Gathering. Dragon Evo has a starting off fourteen card limit per deck, because of how fast the games are, to allow the player to learn how to take their opponents out quickly and still have enough gold to move on with your journey. Although fourteen cards per dark starting may seem low, you can finish each of your card battles quickly if you focus on what your fellow foe is doing.

My first run through in Dragon Evo I went right for the attacking side of my deck, which can be useful if you have low costing attackers. After playing through the game for a few rounds, I learned that gold is critical. If you wish to have high valued cards, then you’ll want to add some gold miners that will allow you to play through a whole match without a sweat. Dragon Evo has a quick tutorial system to show the player through the basics of what they need to move on. Still, the developers of Dragon Evo has ensured me that a more in-depth tutorial system is in the works to ensure the player isn’t left hanging, wondering how to be the best in the land.

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Having played and still playing other trading card games over the years, I’ve learned that the look of the cards is what draws players in. The strategy behind the game is also crucial to make it enjoyable, but being able to make your deck around a specific look and feel is also exciting. Like in Pokemon or Magic The Gathering, the art stands out and they have a vast amount of styles to choose from when making your deck.

Dragon Evo doesn’t come short when it comes to this with their quick to play system and marketplace to enjoy the look of each of their cards, and playing around you’ll see new cards here and there. Saying that, the cards in Dragon Evo gives off a fantasy style look right off the bat, but not having the vast amount of different cards to choose from is lingering after playing for a short period.

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After going through the lands of Tarankota, Drowda, Farcraw City, The Treacherous Pass, and the dark woods, you’ll find yourself with a strategy made deck and wanting more. Keeping in mind that Dragon Evo is early in development, and the main story is soon to come, the developers of Dragon Evo have a set roadmap for the future of this game. At this time, Dragon Evo allows you to join a competitive ranking system, form a clan, and scour the lands all around the Evo to become the strongest hero around.

Update 1.1 will be released in March and will improve the mobile version, and polish all current features. We also have an album feature coming soon which focuses on the TCG part of the game and rewards card collections in different ways which we hope to be able to deliver in 1.2 (April) – Dragon Evo Team


Being a card game early in development, Dragon Evo has a lot of potentials when it comes to seeing what the development team has to come.

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