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Date: July 31, 2020

Back to world domination!


The cult-classic alien invasion game is back at it again, taking human DNA to survive and on a mission to take down any government assets that stand in the way to stop the large scale extraction of human DNA for the alien race to survive in, Destroy All Humans, 2020 remastered! We first played the beginning of the destroy all humans series back in 2005, and soon after, we saw a few others destroy all human games. While they may seem outdated nowadays, looking back, we got a good taste of what’s to come with an excellent open-world kill-em-all game that strives on the gamer taking out anything and anyone in their path.

The developers over at Black Forest Games ensured that they lived up to the word of remastered with this title. With a fully remade mechanic system and overall look of the game to be in modern times, and working with a company like THQ Nordic that has a handful of game titles coming out the coming years that many have their eyes on, it’s exciting to think about what these teams will bring to the table in the future when it comes to remastering older game titles like the Destroy all humans series.

Alien vs. Robot


The new classic alien invasion game of destroy all humans starts like it’s 2005 build where it sets the stage of your character’s clone scouting out the earth in search of human DNA to extract for the alien race to survive. While scouting, your clone Cryptosporidium-136 disappeared, and it is your job as Cryptosporidium-137, Crypto for sort, to-do what his predecessor clone couldn’t, and that’s getting earth ready for a large scale invasion. After playing the Destroy all humans 2005 attention not too long ago to get myself prepared for it’s remastered release, I was able to point out many things right off the bat that got this new title to modern times. Such as the movement mechanics for the game to feel like a Grand Theft Auto open-world feel with a little more freedom when it comes to destruction to the human race, and also gives an excellent starting point to show you all of your mechanics in a short time frame to get you ready for the evil forces that are coming your way.

The primary mission of taking human DNA for the alien race to survive gives yourself something to-do other than just blowing up and killing everything and everyone in your path. With the vast amount of weapons and upgrades, you’re able to get for your alien character with the DNA points will make you want to do every single mission and also the little side missions to prepare yourself for the variety of enemies the game now has. With the US Military forces looking to have more of a mechanical upgrade, more than I would think they did back in the 1950s, gives your character crypto a bit of competition when it comes with fighting off mech robots, tanks, infantry units, and also the secret government agents called the Majestics.

Alien Jetpack vs. US military


We first got word of the possibility of a remastered destroy all humans game back in 2013 when THQ Nordic acquired the rights to the THQ titles such as the destroy all humans series. With the first talk about the remastering of the game starting back in 2017, we got our first trailer and demo of the game in 2019 E3. While the storyline of the newly remastered title still being the humor and acting of a 2005 game title, the remastered mechanics and overall gameplay time is instantly noticeable when it comes to the framerate and movement mechanics in the first thirty minutes of the game. Being able to jetpack around, use your weapons to destroy anything and anyone in your path, and fly around in your UFO to finish your mission is the icing on the cake that the destroy all humans fans have been waiting for since the first talk of the game finally being remastered.

The developers of Black Forest Games have been listening to the feedback of the destroy all humans fan community that played the first of the series back in 2005 that had a few issues at the start of the game’s release. Such as the new game engine feel making the camera angles feel more modern, but not giving off much of an old fashion vibe when it comes to keeping to their full roots of the camera angle, some weapon mechanics right off the bat such as the anal probe, and the new ways to 100% a mission is up to the player if they want to upgrade their weapons and abilities or not. Which doesn’t break the game but still started a few discussions that, in the end, still brought the game to its final remastered state.

Aliens don't look at explosions


At the end of the human race and the invasion is over, and the DNA you’ve collected for your alien race as Crypto will have you wanting to backtrack the missions to 100% each of them. That’s because of the excellent draw that each of the tasks has to put little things around that the player must find to complete their mission fully. I brought up that Destroy all humans may feel like a Grand Theft Auto game here and there because of the freedom to do pretty much whatever you want and how you want to approach its open-world concept of destroying everything, literally in your path to accomplish the mission.

Alien Killing Humans


In the end of it all with over 20 remastered old missions from the original game and side missions on top of that, Destroy all humans remastered is the only invasion the human race was okay with in 2020.

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