Hearts of Iron IV Patch 1.13: Arms Against Tyranny DLC

Today Paradox announced that the 8th expansion for Hearts of Iron will be Arms Against Tyranny, focusing on the Scandinavian countries. Accompanying the DLC is the Stella Polaris update, though no specifics have been revealed. The announcement comes the day after the 7th Anniversary of Hearts of Iron IV.

Arms Against Tyranny Features

The DLC will primarily provide content to the Nordic nations, but it will also bring new changes to equipment production and the division designer. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland will be recipients of new focus trees bringing some fresh alternate history possibilities. Some examples include a restored Kalmar Union, a monarchist Sweden, or a socialist Finland.

Additionally, new options for customizing your divisions will be available with the expansion. Players will now be able to have specialized divisions and customized special forces units. Along with direct changes to customizing divisions is the ability to indirectly customize them through deals with Military Industrial Organizations. MIOs will help players improve equipment production in a variety of ways.

Another major change is the addition of the International Market. The market will allow countries to place equipment for sale in exchange for civilian industrial capacity.

Arms Against Tyranny looks to be promising for overhauling Northern Europe and allowing the Winter War to take place. The International Market has been a long-requested feature to allow more countries to be active in the war, so it’ll be exciting to see how that’s implemented.

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