Stranger of Paradise: FF Origin Final Demo Launches Ahead of Game Release

Just over a week before Stranger of Paradise releases, Square Enix launched the final demo for the game — and you can access it right now, for free, on console! This demo will be up only for a limited time, being available from now until April 19 at 3:59pm JST (1:59am EST). (Note that players who have already pre-ordered the game will get Early Access on Tuesday, March 15th.)

This is the third time players have gotten to play the game ahead of time. However, there are some differences this time around.

Just like with the last trial version of the game, you are able to play this demo either in solo or in co-op with up to two friends. You will also be taken through the Chaos Shrine again, following Jack as he tries to kill Chaos. However, this time you will get access to two new missions!

This FF Origin demo will take players through the first three missions in the game in total: the Chaos Shrine, Pravoka Seagrot, and the Western Keep. In the Pavoka Seagrot we will get to fight the previously revealed Captain Bikke, but players will just have to wait and see what boss is waiting for them in the Western Keep… You will have access to pretty much everything from the full game for this portion of the story, though the demo does state that some features will be restricted (it does not specify which ones, however).

final fantasy origin bikke

Possibly the most important feature about this demo is that all of the progress that you make here will carry over to the full game!! This means that we are essentially getting the beginning of the game for free, and that we are getting a look at how a part of the game’s story will unfold a full week before it even releases.

Another important difference from the last two trial modes is the availability. The demos were PS5 exclusives, however, this demo will be available for the PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Sadly, while this means that all console users will be able to get the taste of the game ahead of the release, the same can’t be said for the fellow PC fans.

If you enjoy the demo and want to pre-order Stranger of Paradise before its March 18th release, you can get several bonuses depending on which version you want to get. You can check out our pre-order guide here for all the details!

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