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Final Fantasy X: Rikku Overdrive – Mix

Rikku’s Overdrive is Mix. With 64 potential outcomes, Mix has by far the highest variety of effects compared to any other Overdrive in the game, ranging from many healing effects, supportive effects, or damaging effects. There is no requirement to…


Final Fantasy X: Wakka Overdrive – Slots

Wakka’s Overdrive is Slots. The type of attack Slots does depends on which type is chosen, and how well it is executed, but it will always do damage to one or more targets. You can learn all of them through…

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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Review

Final Fantasy X is one of the most popular games in the series to date, and many fans would say that it’s the greatest Final Fantasy ever released. It was the first Final Fantasy for the PS2, having a huge…

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Final Fantasy X: Overdrives Guide

Overdrives are Final Fantasy X’s version of Limit Breaks. It allows a character to use a special attack that’s unique to them. Overdrives have a wide variety of effects depending on the character, from powerful attacks to buffing your party.…

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Final Fantasy X: Auron Overdrive – Bushido

Auron‘s Overdrive in Final Fantasy X is Bushido. Bushido attacks will do damage to either a single target or all targets, with some having an additional effect. You will be able to learn them as you progress through the game,…