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alone in the dark endings featured image

Endings – Alone in the Dark

While the main ending you get for beating Alone in the Dark is fairly satisfying, and actually pretty upbeat for a horror game, the game does offer a number of secret extra endings you’ll have to work for if you…

alone in the dark chapter 5 featured image

Chapter 5 – Alone in the Dark

You’ve made it this far, and explored everything you can. After a delusion (or was it?) caused you to assault Jeremy, you find yourself waking up in the Small Parlor, just before the celebration of St. John. But what exactly…

alone in the dark chapter 2 featured image

Chapter 2 – Alone in the Dark

Having come back from a mysterious place entered through mysterious methods, Edward or Emily will be sure that those second dimensions must be where Jeremy is hiding. In order to find him, you will need to navigate more puzzles around…